Saturn in Libra opposite Aries: The “I am blues” Redo

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Saturn in Libra opposite Aries planetsI Am Blues Redo

Back in December, I wrote the “I am Blues” piece about the Saturn in Libra opposition to Aries. Saturn was in the shadow period of the degrees it would retrograde in January 2011.

Now Saturn is revisiting until June 2011 the same degrees of Libra (10° to 17°) and is opposing planets (especially Sun) and Ascendants in Aries with the same degrees.  Saturn is once again stirring up the same über–Saturn feelings as back when I first wrote the post.

Saturn Feelings

At best, this is a difficult transit. At worst, the transit is excruciatingly painful as it generates feelings that are hard to deal with. Right now, Aries is mostly a bundle of the following feelings and thoughts:

  • Heavy weariness, “Dark cloud hanging over me” feeling.
  • Retreating into one’s shell, Not wanting to socialize.
  • Becoming a recluse. Having no answer to “what’s next?”, “why bother?”
  • Feelings of having wasted your life, Feeling the lack of accomplishments. Feeling that life is no longer an adventure. Feeling there is nothing else to conquer. Feeling there is no solution to these feelings.
  • Pains and aches in the body. Sleeping a lot.
  • Feeling that your accomplishments are insignificant.  Feeling incapable of dealing with adversity. Feeling discouraged. Feeling frustrated. Feeling bitter. Feeling resentful. Feeling left out.

Saturn opposing  Aries The Second Saturn – Sun opposition

For those who are experiencing Saturn opposite their Sun for the second time in their life, this feels like a moment of truth: what have I done with my life? Did it turn out as I had hoped?  What have I built that is going to last? Did I achieve what I had intended twenty-nine years ago?

Often times, the answers to these questions are a BIG NO, bringing a sense of loss.

This second opposition from Saturn in Libra brings out some issues you thought would be resolved by now and also some new and difficult ones.

Issue #1: Loneliness and the Quality of Your Relationships

Saturn in Libra is the official planetary sponsor of loneliness by nature. Even so more for Aries since Libra is Aries natural 7th house of relationships. Saturn is throwing the limelight out to your relationships. The question of who are you in your relationships can come up pretty strongly.  Have you learned to be truly engaged in a relationship? Has your approach to relationships been rewarding?

As an Aries developing relationships might have proven difficult with your strong-headed streak of independence.

Saturn being a realistic planet per se wants you to confront your attitude and re-evaluate the resources you have allocated to this part of your life.

Issue #2 – As Time goes by

Because 3 decades have passed since the last Saturn opposition to your sun, the issue of aging also comes up with this transit (assuming you are middle aged – 45/50+).  It’s an issue that will become more acute with your second Saturn return around age 60, but you are getting the first whispers of it.

Before, you felt you had all the time in the world to work on your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Now, you start to understand that actions have consequences. You understand that time is running out and if you want your life to be worthwhile, you need to decide about your priorities so to make the most of the time you got left.

Aries and Libra: finding balanceSaturn in Libra – What’s next?

Saturn will continue its retrograde movement until June of 2011. During this period, Second Decanate Aries (10° to 20°) will be confronted with the questions mentioned above. A difficult position for that sign, since its natural impatience would rather deal with the problem and be done with it!

However, Saturn wants to make sure Aries will learn and heed the lessons of Saturn in Libra and make the necessary adjustments in order to be able to answer the question “what’s next? in a truthful manner.

Is Saturn opposing a planet in Aries in your chart? How are you dealing with the difficult lessons Saturn wants you to learn? Share your insights.

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