Happy Birthday Pisces! From my kitchen to yours!

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PIsces birthday February 20 - March 19

Pisces Keywords

If you were born between February 20 and March 19, give or take a day, you were born under the sign of Pisces.

To celebrate Pisces during their birthday month, I thought I would continue picking information from Lucy Ashe’s book “A Taste of Astrology”.

Some of the keywords associated with Pisces are:

  • Imaginative, sensitive, mystical, compassionate, intuitive,
  • Emotional, receptive, impressionable, peace-loving, serious,
  • Sympathetic, charitable, artistic, creative, dreamer, dedicated,
  • Psychic, shy, introverted, spiritual, and reclusive, idealistic,
  • Generous, kind, selfless, unworldly, escapist, secretive, vague,
  • Adaptable, accepting, devoted,  indecisive, absent-minded,
  • Dreamer, forgetful, disorganized, gentle, wise, unpractical.

How these characteristics would that translate in the Pisces host? The Pisces guest? Or the Pisces cook?

Neptune ruler of PiscesNeptune and Jupiter Foods of Choice

According to Lucy Ash, Pisces has an intense love for almonds, chestnuts, chicory, cucumber, endive, fennel, figs, lime, seaweed and sugarcane.

Their herbs and spices of choice are aniseed, chervil, tarragon, cinnamon, nutmeg. As for meat, she cites seafood, fish and fowl in general.

Pisces as Cooks

Pisces is a very sociable sign who loves to invite people over for dinner. You will be in for a mysterious adventure. They are adventurous cooks who like to experiment, in particular with fish and seafood. Their creativity knows no bound and since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of this sign, exotic dish combinations are certainly to be expected.  As well as plenty of food.

The influence of Neptune – the other ruler of Pisces – is more subtle and elusive but can be found in the Pisces love for fish, seafood, soups and as the author describes “shimmering mousses, which echo the reflective surface of water.”

Pisces as Guests

If Pisces does not forget your invitation, he/she will be a delightful guest who will happily entertain the other guests with anecdotes and amusing stories. Due to his mutable quality, Pisces guests can generally adapt to the mood of the party and blend in with their surroundings. His easygoing nature and ability to listen without judgment is a lure to other guests who often will confide in him.

In a sense, Pisces is a dream guest, amenable and charming, easily pleased.

Fish and Seafood are Pisces favorite foodsSuggested Dishes for Pisces

Lucy Ash suggestions for dishes include:

Almond and Fennel Fish Soup

Fresh Figs with Smoked Salmon

Cucumber Ring with Chicken Filling

Leeks with Lemon and Coriander Dressing

Raspberry Trifle

Pisces, what do you think?  Does this ring true? Do you love to express your creativity and artistic talent in the kitchen?  Are you able to always go with the flow in a party? Do other guests come to you to share their deepest worries and secrets? What are your favorite foods and dishes?

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