The 7 Most Common Relationship Problems: Lifestyles Differences

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We are getting close to the end of the  synastry series. If you’re just tuning in, make sure to check out the previous articles, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Jupiter.

jupiter saturn:opposites attractJupiter and Saturn: Opposites attract but lifestyles clash

Of all the different inter-charts aspects between Saturn and the other planets, a Jupiter/Saturn synastry is considered a relatively easy one, even the more difficult aspects, like conjunctions, squares and oppositions.

I would say not so fast. Jupiter/Saturn synastry  problems can show mainly in two ways. First with couples having big lifestyle, ethnic and cultural differences.  Secondly, how perspectives on life put a cringe in a romantic relationship.

Lifestyles differences found amusing at the beginning of a relationship can over time create real stress situations.

Say the Jupiter person is physically active and the Saturn person is not.  One will always be waiting for the other to either catch up or slow down depending if we are talking Saturn or Jupiter. Or if one likes dancing, hiking and the other loves to read the newspaper and stay at home?

These lifestyles differences can run the whole gamut from Holidays and traveling (Jupiter loves exotic vacations, Saturn would rather stay close by), romance (Jupiter likes to be extravagant, Saturn can be penny pinching) to religious beliefs and children education (Jupiter can be easygoing while Saturn is known as the taskmaster).

Managing these differences requires maturity and time. The relationship might be over before the partners reach this point.

saturn and jupiter pessimism and optimismOptimism and Pessimism: Differences in Perspective

Jupiter/Saturn synastry contacts can be a balancing act between the Jovial outlook and the cautious security oriented view of life that is characteristic of Saturn.

To Jupiter, Saturn can feel like a splash of cold water from time to time with his grumpy, negative, and critical attitude.  The Jupiter person ends up feeling that his/her optimism is unappreciated. On the other hand, the Saturn person feels that his seriousness is being belittled because he naturally more cautious.

It’s the old battle between optimism and pessimism. For a couple entrenched in this push and pull perspective, the relationship might feel like being stuck driving with both the accelerator and the brakes at the same time. As a result, they go nowhere which is a pity because there is often a strong need for Jupiter/Saturn to work together and build something solid.

The difference is rooted in philosophy. Optimism and Pessimism are inherently biased perspectives. Optimism is about looking on the bright side, while pessimism is about focusing on the negatives, expecting the worst.  Jupiter can be so stubbornly optimistic to the point of refusing to acknowledge that his attitude might cause the relationship some problems. The Jupiter person might even think if he just keeps focusing on the bright side everything will fix itself.

Meanwhile, Saturn’s pessimism leads him to believe that “nothing better is possible,” so why even try?

So, where does the couple go from there? To realism. A perspective that embraces both parts of the spectrum in order to paint a more inclusive view of life and relationships.

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