The 7 Most Common Relationship Problems: Anger, Sex & Jealousy

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After covering the synastry aspects of Sun/Saturn, Moon/Saturn, Venus/Saturn and Mercury and Saturn, we turn to Mars.

mars saturn may-december energySaturn and Mars: The May-December Energy Problem

This is what I call the May-December energy output problem that couples face when confronted with a Mars and Saturn inter-chart aspect.

Mars likes to express its boundless energy any way it can, especially physically. Saturn, in turn, is cautious in putting out his. It feels awkward and inhibiting to him to spend so much energy for the sheer pleasure of it.

As Elsa P. describes in her post at ElsaElsa, Saturn gets this stunned look each time the Mars person throws herself at him (literally). Saturn’s reaction is to claim “he is too old for this stuff”.

Faced with such attitude, the Mars person becomes impatient and aggressive. If the situation persists, Mars has a tendency to simply roughshod Saturn.

And here lays one the problems of the Mars/Saturn synastry.

mars-saturn push my buttonThe Push-Your-Button Syndrome

The other problem with this aspect is the potential for violence. Mars/Saturn in synastry (Mars square or opposition to Saturn) be dubbed the push-your-button aspect.

If not carefully managed this aspect can turn the relationship into living hell. It’s a magnet for both partners to express any latent aggressive tendencies. Tendencies that can become larger than life pretty fast each time one of the partners gets their button pushed. Verbal abuse and physical aggression are possible when things get out of hand.

Why Saturn/Mars couples argue? The truth boils down to personal power – having, regaining, or holding onto personal power. Often more than not, one person feels they are right.

Saturn feels he is right to become annoyed with Mars’ seeming lack of discipline and “childishness” and caution when acting.

Saturn thinks he is right in criticizing Mars when Mars acts in a manner that Saturn’s deems frivolous or simply wrong.  After all, it’s for Mars own good. Saturn’s knows it’s better to be prudent and consider all sides of question before making a decision.

In turn, Mars believes he has the right to express his or her natural tendency to go after his heart’s desire without consideration for the consequences.

When this attitude only causes more disapproval from Saturn, Mars feels he is right to rebel and express anger at Saturn’s over bearing attitude.


We could go on and on about who is right and who is wrong. But the fact is that you end up with a pissed off Saturn and an angry Mars locked in a contest of wills and fighting for the right to “be right”.

Mars and Saturn: Anger, Sex and Jealousy

The Saturn person knows exactly how to anger the Mars person- disapproval. Mars knows how to make Saturn jealous when he acts in a carefree manner (a secret whish of Saturn) while throwing in some sexual overtones to this battle of wills.

Sex is another common manifestation of this inter-chart aspect. Saturn is immediately attracted to Mars capacity to express openly what Saturn is often times unable to display. The drive becomes therefore a need to dominate this raw expression of passion, make it somehow more “civilized”. Once the goal is attained, Saturn withdraws back into his natural aloofness which only causes Mars to provoke the Saturn person with sex and violence.

Yes, Mars and Saturn contacts in synastry are known for their passionate drama like quality.

However, this scenario does not need to be the only one. With maturity and time, the relationship can foster an honest dialogue about sexual values and the division of power.

Have you seen yourself in any of these scenarios? Have you used sex to control a relationship? Share your own Mars-Saturn synastry experience!

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