The 7 Most Common Relationship Problems: Lost in Translation

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mercury saturn in synastrySo far in this new series of Saturn in Libra dedicated to couples, we covered the synastry aspects of Sun and Saturn, Saturn and the Moon. and Saturn and Venus. The next in line is Mercury.

Saturn and Mercury

So what is it that Saturn in Libra wants you to learn as far as Mercury inter-chart aspect is concerned? Communication, of course!

Does the communication flows or does it somehow gets lost in translation, going from one misunderstanding to the other, in a game of you said, he/she said?

Does any of you whine and complaint all the time? Or play the fault finding game?

Is there rigidity in the communication lines?

These are some of the problems a couple can face in their day to day communication. But deep down, I think what Saturn is trying to show you how much disrespect for the partner is hidden behind these communication problems. Either mutual or one-sided.

Mercury and Saturn: You said, she/he said

It starts with a sense that no matter what you say, how you say it, no matter how big or small the topic, the other person looks at you like you are dumb and do not know what you are talking about.

To avoid this feeling, you try to curb the way you speak so as not to say obvious and unnecessary things. To no avail. You end up feeling talked down by somebody who acts like he/she knows more than you do and that his/her opinion is the unquestionable truth.

Pretty annoying! Especially when the relationship started based on a mutual attraction, admiration and respect for each other’s intelligence. Remember at the beginning of the relationship when both of you wanted to learn from each other? What happened?

Saturn and Mercury: The intellectual competition of who is smarter!

What started as admiration for the each other’s intellectual capacity turned over time to competition fueled by subtle attitudes such as:

-      The Mercury person feeling intimidated by the Saturn person’s practicality.

-      Saturn’s silence when the Mercury person asked a question or offered a comment.

-      Mercury feeling belittled or perhaps immature/illogical in Saturn’s presence

-      Saturn being overly critical and fault-finding towards any idea presented by Mercury.

-      Saturn feeling threatened of losing his/her role as teacher/advisor when the Mercury person doesn’t turn to him for advice.

So, what is the Saturn in Libra lesson for couples stuck in this situation?

Find respectful ways to challenge each other’s ideas of what constitutes the tried, true and correct way to communicate.

Develop a willingness to listen and discuss matters without denigrating each other’s thinking abilities.

Understand that both partners have a lot to contribute to each other. Saturn can help Mercury with practical advice that leads to a deeper sense of meaning.  And Mercury can give Saturn a sense of being an appreciated mentor.

The end result is good communication= key to successful marriage.  The more you are tuned in to one another’s thoughts and feelings, the less misunderstandings can occur which in turn increases compatibility and generates a deeper level of satisfaction within the relationship.

Share your thoughts here.  Tell me how you overcame (or not) your communication problems.

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