Writing the Perfect Online Personal Ad – Part II

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love and astrologyTaking the time to write your personal profile

Yesterday, I wrote the first 6 personal ads – from Aries to Virgo – for those who had decided this Valentine’s Day to become more proactive in their search for love. Today, I am offering the last 6 personal online ads for Libra up to Pisces.

You might think it’s silly to spend so much time worrying about  writing the perfect  personal profile.  But ask yourself: how much time did I spent getting ready to go out in the hopes of meeting someone interesting? An hour? More?

Doesn’t it make sense then to spend the same amount on writing your profile online if you want to stand out on the online dating scene? Isn’t Mr. or Ms. Right worth the effort?

Also think of the advantage of taking the time to actually write something informative about yourself. More people interested in YOU!

The ads below might not be strictly kosher as far as putting them out on online dating services, but with their mix of moon and Venus characteristics, they can help getting a good start.

the 12 personal online ads - libra to piscesThe 12 Personal Ads  – Libra to Pisces

Libra Personal Ad: “I am just a nice guy/ gal who yearns for true love. Some say I’m too nice and too romantic. To be fair, I want to be happy beyond my wildest dreams.”

Scorpio Personal Ad: “I am looking for a deeply committed relationship with emotional depth and great sex. I am a “forever” kind of person. When in love I am very loyal and supportive.”

Sagittarius Personal Ad: “I am looking for someone with whom I can share my love of travel and philosophy and books. If you are fun and funny and love to laugh, come join me in my journey.  Age, race, and gender not important, openness to experience life is.”

old fashioned personal adsCapricorn Personal Ad: “I am successful, financially stable professional who is looking for an ambitious, educated and reliable professional for permanent legal commitment. Only qualified parties need to respond.”

Aquarius Personal Ad: “I’m a cool independent and liberal guy/gal  who is into computer stuff and political correctness.  I’m looking for a friend/lover for a non-possessive, open relationship. Let’s connect and talk how we can change the world while having fun.”

Pisces Personal Ad: “Me: compassionate, creative, sensitive, spiritual being who sees his soul mate for what he really is. Race, gender, age or marital status not important. Interest in mystical union of two lost souls is.”

I hope these tongue in cheek blurbs inspired you to spend time creating a fabulous online profile for yourself.

When I helped my friend write hers, we worked on her profile until we could answer the following question with a resounding yes! Do I want to meet this person?

The result of her efforts showed up in her mailbox.

I would love to hear your story! The good, the bad and the divine of your online dating experience.

Thanks for visiting.

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