Writing the Perfect Online Personal Ad – Part I

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loveand online datingFinding Mr. or Ms. Right

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And so are my clients asking me when they are going to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

This is probably the most often asked question I come across in my astrology practice.

I tell my clients that if they want to be in a relationship they have to be pro-active and use all the resources at their disposal: friends, colleagues, family and dating services.

This last bit reminded me that I had once helped a friend write her personal profile on a dating site. The “ad” – based on her moon and Venus sign – attracted plenty of “I want to know you” inquiries. Eventually, she found Mr. Right among those interested.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I decided to do a repeat and write down mini biographies for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each blurb mixes little bits of Venus and the Moon to show what each sign is looking for in a relationship.

These “ads” might be a touch humorous and might not be what we would actually write in our personal profiles. Nonetheless they can give us a pretty good start in advertising in writing the perfect online personal ad.

dating and the 12 signs of the zodiacThe 12 Personal Ads –  Aries to Virgo

Aries Personal Ad: “Warm, vivacious and enthusiastic personality with a strong sense of adventure.  I love all outdoor and spur of the moment activities. I’m a self-taught, self-sufficient independent man/woman looking for open-minded admirer for a short term relationship.”

Taurus Personal Ad: “I am ready to settle down with an earthy grounded partner who loves to garden and cook. I am a dependable guy/gal who is a romantic at heart and loves nothing more than cuddle with my sweetie at home.”

Gemini Personal Ad: “Chatty and witty personality looking for clever like-minded companions for fun-loving times and good conversations.  Let’s hang-out and talk. I will meet you for coffee and a movie.”

personal ads through the zodiac signsCancer Personal Ad: “I’m just an old-fashioned guy/gal who loves to stay home and snuggle. My hobbies are gourmet cooking and genealogy. I am a very sensitive and caring person who loves children and pets.  My friends say I have a warm and comforting personality that knows how to nurture those I love.”

Leo Personal Ad: “My heart is as big as the sun. I love to have fun and I can show you how to have a good time.”

Virgo Personal Ad: I’m a bit shy and self-conscious. But I love to help others. I take good care of myself and will take good care of you too. Looking for someone to share interest in healthy lifestyle, volunteering and the simple things of life.”

Have you used astrology to introduce yourself on a dating site? Share your Valentine’s Day story! How did you meet your Mr. or Ms. Right?

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4 Responses to Writing the Perfect Online Personal Ad – Part I

  1. loosefemme says:

    Thanks for the help, I can use it!


    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Loosefemme:

      We all can use it. It’s so hard to write about oneself in general. Even more so with the goal of capturing the attention, interest and imagination of a potential significant other. It can turn into a daunting task, as frightening as preparing for a job interview! Glad it helped.

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