How to Seduce…. An astrologer’s account

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I just  finished writing my series on How to Seduce….Dating the zodiac signs each Male of the Zodiac…. And to be honest I am glad it’s over. Halfway through what had started as something fun to write about lost steam and became a chore.

I just was not feeling it. It had good information for each of the signs, but it sounded flat to me. I was not sure why until somebody reminded me that I was not sharing my personal dating experiences with my readers.

I had purposefully avoided that. I do not have a lot of stories to share.

But that’s what creates a connection between a blogger and his audience. The personal side of the story.  Therefore, I will throw in my dating experiences.

Aries: I dated a couple of Aries men. Being also an Aries, did we compete against each other? No. But in the end, it did not work out because it was always about him. And I wanted it to be about me.

Taurus: This one left scars on my heart.  I could not convince him that he needed to be in love with me.  He was the most stubborn man I ever met.

Gemini: He loved me. I love him not. Over the years, I noticed a general tendency for Gemini men to like me more than I like them. I cannot stand their constant change of opinion, mood, personality, plans.

Cancer: Married one. The feeling of being nurtured and taken care of was a wonderful experience. I miss that! The moodiness, not so much.

Leo: The warmth of their love is unforgettable. They also showed me how to have fun big time.

Virgo: Great stimulating conversations. But he bored me to death with his schedules and systems for everything.

how to seduce each of the 12 signs

Libra: My first BIG crush at age ten. He was the same age and extremely good looking even at such young age. Never spent so much energy trying to please somebody.

Scorpio: I still have stars in my eyes when I think of him. All that sexiness in a bad boy package….

Sagittarius: Sorry. No personal experience. Maybe it’s in my future!?

Capricorn: A great friend. I still wonder about what could have been if he had not died in a car accident.

Aquarius: Same as Sagittarius.

Pisces: Ditto.

Besides a trip down memory lane, writing this post allowed me to  notice a pattern of getting involved more frequently and easily with cardinal and fire signs.

I also realized I have a greater difficulty in relating to Air and Earth signs.  Maybe due to the weakness of these two elements in my chart.

How about you? How was your experience when dating any of these astrological signs?

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  1. Mya says:

    Hej Fabienne, my friend and I were going through your series “How to seduce….” by astrological signs but we didn’t find the post “How to seduce a Taurus man”. Did we missed it?

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