Kung Fun Panda and Jupiter in Aries

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Dr. Seuss and Jupiter in ariesDr. Seuss or Kung Fun Panda?

My friend Neeti Ray at Astrology Expressed recently wrote an article on Jupiter in Aries comparing it to Dr. Seuss.

I don’t disagree with her assessment. Indeed the poem she quotes from Dr. Seuss’s “Oh! The Places You’ll Go! does typify that Jupiter energy capable of moving mountains and going places never dreamed about.

And as Neety points out Dr. Seuss had Jupiter in Aries in his chart, so he knew what he was talking about.

However my perspective is different. If Neety is coming from the point of view of Jupiter (at least in my opinion), I am proposing looking at Jupiter from the Aries angle.

When I was thinking about Jupiter in Aries, the movie “Kung Fu Panda” kept popping up in my mind.

Kung Fu Panda as the archetype of AriesKung Fu Panda and the Aries Archetype

In the movie, our hero Po embodies the archetype of Aries: young, brave, naïve, inexperienced yet filled with good intentions.

The story plot draws from the Hero’s journey of Joseph Campbell. A young, clumsy and overweight panda bear – Po – lives a humdrum existence in The Valley of Peace, stuck with menial tasks at his father’s noodle vending cart. But Po has a dream that he is unable to fulfill. He hopes to be a kung fu icon in the same way as the quintet of kung fu masters trained by Master Shifu in the five main martial art styles (tiger, monkey, crane, mantis, and snake).

But destiny has greater things in store for him.

When the Jade Temple announces a competition to choose the newest Dragon Master who will battle against the evil Tai Lung, Po is excited. He wants to see who gets the honor. To the surprise of everyone, Po becomes the Dragon Warrior, despite not fitting the ideal criteria.

After learning to believe in himself, Po manages to defeat the fearsome Tai Lung, a former apprentice of Master Shifu.

jupiter in aries 2011Jupiter in Aries: The Inspired Warrior

As you can see the plot of the movie follows closely the archetypes of the hero’s journey. But the film is not limited to this aspect, it also contains valuable insights into the workings of Jupiter in Aries. So, what this movie can teach us about Jupiter in Aries?

Kung Fu Panda shows us what it takes to become a warrior. It’s the story of a person’s journey in dealing with the discovery and handling of personal power. As an older and wiser mentor, Jupiter will help us harness the raw Aries energy in a more directed and mature way so that it becomes usable and useful.

As he apprentices with Master Shifu, Po discovers how to have faith in himself.

With Jupiter in Aries, we become the Inspired Warrior.

Together Aries (assertiveness) and Jupiter (expansion) can foster mega-doses of self-confidence, assertiveness and courage to initiate things we never felt capable of before. Therefore, Po endures his grueling training with good humor and a “I can do this” attitude that helps  him overcome  the doubts, mockeries, despise and sarcasms of the other kung fu masters.

Until June 2011, Jupiter in Aries will provide us with this boost of self-confidence necessary to take us to Dr. Seuss’s imaginable places: Be it a cause for which we stand up for, a philosophy we adopt as a lifestyle or a relationship with someone with a very different background or lifestyle.

To conclude this post, I would like to offer two additional tidbits. Jack Black who gives voice to Po has Mars in Sagittarius in his natal chart – a case of mutual reception, perhaps?

Secondly, a sequel – Kung Fu Panda 2 – will be released on May 27, 2011 as Jupiter gets ready to say “bon voyage” to Aries and slide into Taurus.

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4 Responses to Kung Fun Panda and Jupiter in Aries

  1. NR says:

    Thanks for the link, ma belle. xxx

  2. Gian Paul says:

    Nice and poetic. And inspiring. Enjoyed the ride, Fabienne.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Thanks, Gian Paul. I appreciate the inspiring part. I guess that’s what I strive for in my posts. As for poetic, you should go and read Neeti’s post on from Astrology Expressed. She is a true poet and was my muse for this post.

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