How to Seduce an Aquarius Man!

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How to seduce aquairus menYou Need a Plan!

You want to seduce a Aquarius man? Not sure how to go about? You need a strategy and a plan. Below some advice on how to understand, attract and keep the sign.

Aquarius Man Personality

Some basic astrological keywords will help you understand this sign and what will make him pay attention to him.

  • Detached, eccentric, futuristic, humanitarian, original,
  • Inventive, unconventional independent, individualistic,
  • Progressive, unique, independent, altruistic, visionary,
  • Perceptive, intellectual, logical, ingenious, inventive,
  • Unpredictable, detached, friendly, scientific.

After Hello

One thing to keep in mind when you want to attract the attention of an Aquarius man: they are primarily concerned with your brain and your intellectual power. Of course they want somebody attractive, but they are not stuck up on appearances.

They first want to be sure they have some intellectual compatibility before proceeding any further. That’s because communication is very important to them. The more you share common interests and can talk about it the more he will be fascinated about you.

Therefore, it is important not to censor yourself. On the contrary, he will respect you for ideas, unusual as they may be. Catch his attention by starting conversations on curious, off-beat or avant-garde topics. Spirituality, New Age thinking and mysticism will also spark their interest.

If  possible use humor to present your ideas. Aquarians love to laugh and to be surrounded by funny people.

First Moves

Aquarius is a sign that has a reputation for being a non-conformist. It also means that for your first date, you will need to plan something unusual, unconventional and full of originality. That’s where thinking outside the box, out of the beaten path will pay huge dividends. Tickets to ComiCon or an UFO/Star Trek convention, a VIP tour of NASA  or a sleep over at a museum would be good bets. Actually anyplace where he can learn something new or be occupied with a fun activity are sure ways to make the date memorable.

Keeping Him Seduced

As a consequence, raising the question of commitment to early in the relationship will hurt your chances. He first needs to be sure that:

  • both of you mesh intellectually before even thinking about anything permanent;
  • and that you will respect his need for freedom.

That said if you want Mr. Aquarius to fall in love with you, help him in his endeavors to make this world a better place. Having somebody that understands his need to make a difference and who shares his vision is the way to his heart. Becoming his best friend is  also your second best shot at a long term relationship.

If you follow the above you should not have trouble getting cozy with your Aquarius man. Good luck and let me know how your seduction strategy went!

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