7 Sins of Creativity – Pride

©January 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

7 sins and their astrological equivalentToday is the final one of the 7 sins of creativity. If you haven’t seen the rest, start with the first 6, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, SlothWrath and Envy.

Wrapping it up is Pride. Also known as Vanity, pride is the excessive belief in our own abilities, a super-confidence in our self-esteem that ignores our shortcomings, imperfections and failings.

God considered this sin the silent one because it is the sin itself that prevents men from admitting it.

Pride is considered the “mother of all sins…” the most serious of all seven deadly sins and from which the others originate from.

Pride and the sunBut what makes pride so dangerous? Pride is the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness. Between being Lucifer and becoming Satan.

It’s what makes you boastful. Not merely proud or pleased with what you have created, but inordinately so. Pride is what stops you from evaluating honestly your work and from being self-critical. If you consider yourself immune from that sin, think back to the last time when you hesitated to “rework” a chapter or a post because you felt it was a “good bit”.

It makes believe that you are better than everyone else and “above the rules”. As a consequence, you stop learning. Pride let’s you think you cannot learn from others, past or present, even the great masters.

It prevents  you from sharing your knowledge out of fear of making others a competitor.

Pride is ruled by the Sun. In astrology the Sun symbolizes the Self, our identity, self-expression, self-worth and self-confidence. The Sun is the core of our being. Any chart starts with the Sun sign, house and aspects to understand the core of our being.

And what better expression of the Sun than our own creativity.

Which sin do you think destroys, damages or interferes with your creativity the most?

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2 Responses to 7 Sins of Creativity – Pride

  1. katley says:

    Sometimes it’s pride, and sometimes envy. Sloth and greed on occasion. But to me the worst of the deadly sins is procrastination :) It keeps you from getting things done.

  2. Fabienne Lopez says:

    Mine is gluttony. I love research! and sometimes sloth! But it is more tied to the daily moon sign than anything else. My writing is much easier when the moon is in a fire or water sign. It’s OK with an air sign but does not work under an earth sign. I just do admin work that day!

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