7 Sins of Creativity – Sloth

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7 sins - sloth and moonAfter covering Lust, Gluttony, Greed, we are now having a look at Sloth.

Sloth is defined as spiritual and/or actual laziness. But is more than mere laziness, it is also apathy. Originally, apathy comes from the Latin word acedia, from Greek akedia, literally meaning “absence of caring”.

In astrology, the Moon is the planet associated with Sloth. Generally, a dysfunctional Moon by house, sign or aspect tends towards a lack of energy, indecisiveness, moodiness and, of course, sloth.

Apathy can kill creativity. In the same way, a moon that is not nourished, nurtured, supported or taken care of can lead you to feel a lack of emotions, feelings and a general sense of aliveness.

And without a feeling of being alive, there is no creativity spark.

moon and slothHow does sloth manifest in your creativity? Mostly by:

Putting off working regularly on your creativity, or doing only partially or not doing anything at all.

Not putting in the time to learn fundamental techniques and skills. You want to improve your writing, dance or painting, but still you feel only apathy when it is time to put in the necessary effort to obtain better results.

Or always putting your creativity time as the last thing to get around doing, at the bottom of every other “urgent” task in your daily to-do list.

How do you get around the feelings generated by the absence of your creative passion, the excitement of trying out a new idea or getting excited by a new endeavor?

I think the answer is comes from what Elizabeth Gilbert said at the 2009 TED conference: “Your part in the creative process is to show up”.

Every day. Apathy or no apathy. Whether you care or not.  Just show up. Eventually something with come up.

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5 Responses to 7 Sins of Creativity – Sloth

  1. Another terrific series on creativity! This may be your specialty, Fabienne. My blogging buddy and I were commenting the other day that we’ve both been feeling like slugs, not wanting to write at all lately. I think it’s the high concentration of Neptune/Pisces related energies. Mars spent the last several weeks conjunct Neptune, Chiron and several inner planets, and now it’s moved into Pisces. Do you think an overdose of Neptune can create creative sloth? Donna Cunningham

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Donna:

      You are right! It’s something in the air! We – the Astrology Bloggers discussion group on Facebook – were discussing the same thing last week. Most of us were feeling sluggish with either no inspiration or a ton of ideas but no follow through. Must of us attributed – as you pointed out – to the high concentration of Neptune/Pisces energy. Also many of us noticed the influence of Saturn conjunct Moon in the mix. As for your question, I would think that an overdose of Neptune would not cause creative sloth as defined by apathy as it would give the person an overdose of inspiration to the point of paralysis. Like a drug induced creativity state where you feel inspired and feel good but have no energy to translate all this creative energy into action. In a sense it would be sloth, but one brimming with ideas, threads of inspiration, visions as opposed to a sloth state characterized by no ideas at all. What do you think?

  2. You may be right, Fabienne…or there may be little difference between the two in practice. I have a notebook where I write down article ideas, and there are often so many of them in certain periods (e.g. of Mercury transits or something in Gemini) that I am overwhelmed and don’t know when to start.

    Many times, when my mind is less buzzing, I’ll go back and write some of them, but that still leaves a great many I never get to. It leads to mental fatigue…a state that can look like “sloth” but isn’t really. Donna

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Donna, you reply made me realize something that ties back to the moon/apathy/sloth thing. Since I begun this blog, I have been following my own writing flow and noticing when I am brimming with ideas, when the writing comes easily and the droughts periods. Over time I noticed a couple of things. I get most of my ideas when the moon is a fire sign and my writing flows easily when the moon is in a water sign and, by default, activates my Mercury in Pisces. As it happens both elements – water and fire – are predominant in my chart. Also the drought periods are almost always tied to when the moon is in a earth sign. As far I can tell, air signs time is pretty neutral. Therefore, I started planning my writing around the daily moon sign. Not perfect, but it helps with the apathy and or sloth. I still get those, but I think them more in terms of a “break”, a rejuvenating period more than anything else.

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