Saturn & Uranus: The Roads of Our Lives

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Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra: the “what if” song

This article came as a result of a reflection concerning a post written by Elsa P. from Elsa Elsa. Elsa talks about “the Road You Didn’t Take”. A theme very present for many of us as Saturn in Libra is having us look back at our relationships.

For those of us old enough to have already lived through one Saturn in Libra transit (1980-1982), this second time around feels much like a relationships review of the last 30 years. Inevitably, comes the question of “what if had done this or that” or as Elsa phrases it “Was there a major on (or off) ramp presented to you in your lifetime that you opted out of or ignored?

Her question got me thinking in nostalgic ways. What would have happened if I’d kept living in France, stayed married, not returned to Brazil after my divorce.

I always wondered where life would have taken me had I went to college in Paris where I really wanted to go instead of staying an hour and half drive from my mother…what if…But then, I have Mars in Cancer in the 4th house, so assertiveness is a problem and following my dreams another one.

This is not a futile exercise in “what if” but more an acknowledgment of the many changes of direction (planned, unwanted or unexpected) that happened in my life.  With this transit of Saturn in Libra, I’m  becoming very aware of how much major life paths can turn almost on a whim.

After reading Elsa’s post, I listed all the major changes in my life and compared them to the transits in my chart at the time these events unfolded.

Saturn & Uranus

Saturn & Uranus

Saturn and Uranus and the changes in your life

I noticed something. All of them were tied to Saturn or Uranus transits. The unexpected, out of the blue were mostly due to Uranus (duh!!) and the unwanted ones, Saturn, of course.

As I was pondering the results of my ephemeris research, I went back to Elsa’s post and her discussion about the road not taken and the road we deviated from.

I believe one is tied to Saturn, the other to Uranus. I believe Saturn’s changes are more about the roads not taken and the accompanying regrets and “what if” questions.

Uranus changes are more like the “Dorothy, We are not in Kansas anymore” kind. They are sudden, out of the blues and above all unexpected.

Saturn, Uranus and the “Wizard of Oz”

Actually, the “Wizard of Oz” movie is a good analogy to explain the differences between the changes caused by Saturn and those fostered by Uranus.

In the movie, the tornado that takes Dorothy far from home has an Uranus flavor. In arriving in Oz, Dorothy has lost all her usual references, she no longer recognizes a path. She is forced to create a new one if she wants to go back home.

At the same time, there is only ONE road that leads to the answer on how to get back home: the yellow brick road.

The yellow brick road has a definite Saturnine feeling to me. There is no other choice, but to take that road. If Dorothy wants to go back home, she has to go to the Emerald City and find the Wizard of Oz. In the end, after doing the hard work, she gets her reward.  That sounds like Saturn to me.

Throughout it’s present transit in Libra, Saturn has compelled me to review the “on ramp off ramp” moments of my life while Uranus brief stay in Aries last summer has open new roads for me. Roads unforeseen  but that have made me realize that being caught up in the idea of “maybe” is a useless one. It would only mean that I would have made a whole new set of different mistakes down the road, and be feeling the “what if” no matter what.

In the end, I have to trust the roads I have taken and the ones life led me too as the right ones for me.

What do you think? Share your experience of Saturn and Uranus and the important moments of change in your life.

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2 Responses to Saturn & Uranus: The Roads of Our Lives

  1. Laura in Florida says:

    Years ago, I read a book by Story Waters in which he states that we never make mistakes … we just take different roads … BUT they all take us to the same place, the only difference is the scenery.

    That was an AHA moment for me, so I’ve learned to trust in all my choices – whether “high road or low road” (as in the Scottish song) I will get to where I am meant to be. It allows me to live my life with more ease and curiosity … and a whole lot less angst! It has even fostered a sense of observation of my own life.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Laura:

      Yes, acceptance of “what is” is a good strategy, as you say, to observe your life and have less anxiety. So many people are stuck on the “what if”.
      However, I do not entirely agree that we never make mistakes. Accepting that we do make them helps us shoulder responsibility for our actions. It also helps saying I am sorry and apologize and correct the errors made.
      I am not sure if it really takes us to the same place. But that’s debatable.
      Which book was it? You are good! or the Messiah Seed?

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