How to Seduce A Sagittarius Man!

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sagittarius qualitiesYou Need a Plan!

You want to seduce a Sagittarius man? Not sure how to go about? You need a strategy and a plan. Below some advice on how to understand, attract and keep the sign.

Sagittarius Man Personality

Some basic astrological keywords will help you understand this sign and what will make him pay attention to him.

  • Optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, honest, straightforward,
  • Good-humored, intellectual, philosophical, tactless, casual,
  • Friendly, buoyant, restless, travel-lover, gregarious, studious,
  • Farseeing, outspoken, direct, independent, unemotional,
  • Free-spirit, sincere, adventurous, irresponsible, directionless,
  • Flexible, adaptable, impulsive, sociable, fair-minded

After Hello

Sagittarius men have a reputation for being flirtatious and hard to catch. The reputation is not totally undeserved. On the other hand they are very friendly and like to meet new friends. The problem lies in the fact that they get easily bored. You might attract his interest easily but keeping that same interest alive far more challenging.

dating a sagittariusThe solution lies in keeping him guessing. There are several ways to accomplish this.

-      Always be energetic, fun, spontaneous with an easy smile and a hearty laugh,

-      Provide him with a good time with light weight humor,

-      Share stories of your  exotic adventures,

-      Sagittarius loves the thrill of the chase. So, give him plenty of opportunities to do so.

First Moves

For a first date, do not take the traditional approach of dinner and a movie or anything similar.

Instead take your Sagittarius for a wacky, adventurous outdoor activity. This sign needs physical movement or he gets restless otherwise. Indulge his love of adventure and he wont’ be bored with you. Some good ideas would be a paintball party, a rafting trip followed by a picnic, a rodeo show or an evening of drinking and gambling.

Keeping Him Seduced

The biggest hurdle in keeping a long term relationship with a Sagittarius is the fact that this sign is prone to be a commitment phobic.

He is perfect for some fun time, but if you want him for the long haul, you will have to  be prepared to share him.

At the root of his reluctance to settle down is his belief that the Ideal One is the next woman he will meet. That’s because he is in love with an idealized notion of love and wants to pursue it whenever he seems fit.

Talking about emotional commitment will only alienate him, especially early on in the relationship. Therefore avoid conversations evolving around being together, getting married and making plans for the future.

The strategy to have a Sagittarius man to walk down the aisle is to make your relationship with him a permanent adventure. Be ready to travel at the last minute, plan for regular getaways, try on new things. Convince that a relationship with you will allow both of you to explore all the mysteries of life.

If you follow the above you should not have trouble getting cozy with your Sagittarius man. They are one of the most reliable partners of the zodiac! They will be there for you and support you to the best of their abilities.

Good luck and let me know how your seduction strategy went!

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One Response to How to Seduce A Sagittarius Man!

  1. TeresaJAY says:

    Wow, this is all so true! I met a saggitarian guy just last night at a concert. He’s in a band, and I played hard to get all night long. Our first kiss was in a tour van, definitely spontaneous. We really hit it off. I have only good things to say about guys like him :)

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