Saturn in Libra Squaring Mars: The “I Feel Anger” Blues

©December 2010 by Fabienne Lopez

This post is dedicated to all of those who are having their Mars being affected by Saturn in Libra

Mars in Cancer

Painting by Piotr Frolov

Setbacks. Ego conflicts with others. Others opposing your ambitions. Feeling provoked. Feeling bitter. Feeling antagonistic.  Run-ins with others. Suppressed rage. Cautious about venting rage. Unexpected bursts of rage. Discouraged by failures. Testing your level of ambition.

Loosing one’s temper. Not doing angry well. Blowing emotionally. Feeling bound up. Feeling trapped. Learning to manage frustration.  Being homebound. Needing to break free of limitations.  Feeling stymied. Meltdowns. Pushing past limits. Becoming aware of our action ability. Feeling passive. Feeling impotent. Blowing hot and cold.

Fear of fighting. Conflicts with authorities. Fear of competition. Tests of strength, courage, determination and/or stamina. Integrating assertion with control, impulse with discipline, fear with courage.  Paralysis of the will. Inability to assert self. Extreme self-will. Suffering great rage without knowing what to do about it.  Unexpressed rage. Unexpressed hurt.  Fear of winning.  Fear of failure. Fear of violence. Fear of expressing anger. Repressing anger and frustration.

Getting serious about sex. Sexual control. Getting serious about exercising. Getting serious about sports challenges. Learning  how to  mix caution and daring.  Tests of physical strength. Learning to live life in moderation. Pushing hard and NOT yielding results. Not getting your way. Feeling defensive. Alternating between assertiveness and apathy. Encountering hostility and/or violence. Biding your time. Overdoing. “Feeling you are driving with the brakes on”.

In addition to opposing my Sun in Aries, Saturn in Libra is also squaring my Mars in Cancer, creating a temporary T-square (I have Sun squaring Mars natally). How are you dealing with being “attacked” from both sides?

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Photos Credits: Painting by Piotr Frolov

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4 Responses to Saturn in Libra Squaring Mars: The “I Feel Anger” Blues

  1. msfullroller says:

    Yep as of this posting, Saturn is directly opposing my Mars in Aries by 46 minutes. along with opposing my Sun in Aries though it’s already directly opposed it. The only thing I have in the other cardinal signs is Vesta in Cancer which Saturn has already squared and Pluto is opposing.

    “Biding your time” and “Getting serious about sports challenges”… yes, but in reality I’ve always done that so Saturn has really been about freeing all the potential that has always been there but I have been afraid to show. Meaning I’ve not been very confident in my abilities and many times my worst critic.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hey, I totally hear you. Saturn is now opposing my Sun and squaring my Mars which is squared by my sun natally. This temporary T-Square transit has been as you said about become more confident about my own abilities, showing them to the world and managing Saturn sharp criticism. I believe that the transit of Jupiter in Aries should be a providential tool in that process. If anything else it could give us the “”I can do it” attitude I, at least, very much need. I remember having this type of feeling last time Jupiter was in Aries.
      Let me know how it goes for you.

      • msfullroller says:

        I will and hope that you continue to share your thoughts. I’m looking very forward to getting my mojo back with some mustang muscle behind it. With Saturn natally in the 7th and now Saturn in Libra, I feel like this is “the sequel” of this transit. I have Saturn in Pisces. lol

        • Fabienne Lopez says:

          Yes, I think this a test of sorts. With Jupiter and Uranus entering Aries and putting the focus on the “I” and first house, people with planets in Aries will be noticed. 2011 seems to bring plenty of relationships opportunities – new ones and a rebuilding of old ones if they are strong enough to be surviving Saturn hardships. It will be an interesting year.

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