Happy Birthday Capricorn!

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Zodiac capricorn

Capricorn Glyph

If you were born between December 22 and January 20, give or take a day, you were born under the sign of Capricorn.

To celebrate Capricorn during their birthday month, I thought I would continue picking information from Lucy Ash’s book “A Taste of Astrology”.

Some of the keywords associated with Capricorn are:

  • ambitious (power, position, money), organizational,
  • self-disciplined, rigid, thrifty, prudent, security-conscious,
  • conservative, responsible, practical, persistent, political,
  • business oriented, methodical, reliable, dutiful, objective,
  • Responsible, economical, organized, bossy, cautious, reserved,
  • industrious, realistic, sensible, structural, meticulous, systematic,
  • productive, achieves tangible results, mature, efficient.

How these characteristics would translate in the Capricorn host? The Capricorn guest? Or the Capricorn cook?


Rue, a Capricorn herb

Saturn’s Foods of Choice

According to Lucy Ash, Capricorn have an intense love for barley, blackberries, black currants, black figs, cereals, quinces, red beets, root vegetables, spinach, whole wheat bread.

As far as flavors are concerned they love burned tart and astringent ones.

Their herbs and spices of choice are comfrey, cumin, rue(?) sorrel (?), turmeric.

I went online to research to research rue and sorrel.  Rues is listed as a strong scented evergreen with a particular disagreeable odor. It normally used to stave off pain in the joints and sciatica problems.

As for sorrel, the leaves are still largely consumed with fish and milk. In Ireland, sorrel is used a green sauce with cold meat, hence one of its popular names: Greensauce.

As for meat, she cites crocodile (?!), goat, fish and turkey.

Capricorn as Cooks

Capricorns like the formality involved in a dinner party. They are very much into maintaining standards, which translates as them serving a small number of dishes but of the highest quality. They will usually plan the dinner menu around tried and true classics, such as salmon, caviar, lobster and foie gras. There is a certain timeless quality around Capricorn cooks and their standing in keeping with tradition. They fondness for taking charge will ensure that their kitchen runs smoothly, with each course coming out at the exact time.


Sorrel another Capricorn herb

Capricorn as Guests

As a guest, Capricorn makes for an enjoyable guest, if you can pry him away from the office. He is an easygoing guest who is apt to make the most of any situation. His only requirements are good quality food, well presented. He also likes the evening to be well organized and the proper conventions observed, such as table set with linen and silver and a bowl of chocolates to go with their demitasse.

I can attest to the accuracy of Lucy Ash’s account of Capricorn both as a cook and as a guest. I lived a longtime with two Capricorn roommates.  When we had a dinner party they insisted on everything following the accepted conventions, from table setting to menu. It never impeded the parties to be a great success.

A final word, if you are  are entertaining  this holiday season and want to know what drinks to serve to your guests, check out my post on the zodiac signs and their favorite drinks! Or if you need to know what kind of chocolate your favorite zodiac sing likes, check out my chocoscopes (part 1 and part 2).

Capricorn, what do you think? Does that ring true? Share your story and insights.

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