ChocoScope : The Chocolate Guide for the Holidays – Part 2

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Chocolate Astrology

Continuing our sweet induced journey around the zodiac, here are the chocolate choices of the last 6 signs – Libra to Pisces. You can find part 1 here.

Chocolate suggestions come from the book Astrology and Chocolate by Joy Nagy.

LIBRA: One box for them and one box for you. This way they can share the candy, the guilt, the calories and the pain.

Suggestion: White and Dark Chocolate Layer Candies
I love white chocolate. Dark, not so much. But this combination certainly satisfies Libra’s need to please everybody.

SCORPIO: Likes to lick the chocolates. Hides their chocolate and then becomes obsessed that someone will find it. Scorpios will likely eat chocolate in secret, and so have many secret stashes of it hidden in many places such as in their house, in their car, and in their handbags. They are extremely ritualistic about how they eat it, as hide their guilt away and, keep their addiction ‘under wraps,’ or at least away from public view.

Suggestion: Milk Chocolate Truffles with Rum Raisin Cream Filing
Reminds me of one of my favorite French ice cream flavor – Plombières – with is made with rum, raisins and candied fruits.

SAGITTARIUS: Will only eat imported chocolate, especially French ones. They only have to avoid excessive bingeing.

Suggestion: Bittersweet Chocolates with Ginger Cream Filling
Exotic! Perfect for this sign. I too like unusual tastes in chocolate.

horoscope chocolate

Traditional chocolate

CAPRICORN: Wants only the best and most expensive chocolates. Capricorns likes to eat chocolate in a step-by-step, methodical fashion. They also keep their chocolate stashed away in the bottom of their drawer desk.

Suggestion: Five Spice Chocolates
Not sure about the five spices. But one of my best friend, who is a Capricorn, does like dark chocolate in and eats in small pieces. And she always kept it hidden from the rest of her roommates.

AQUARIUS: Not big into chocolates. Prefers carob health bars. But love the idea of everyone in the universe enjoying a piece of chocolate.

Suggestion: White Chocolate Mints

Love white chocolate but hate mint. Not something I would choose.

PISCES: Being a generous soul, Pisces likes to share the chocolates with friends and family. They also have a tendency to forget to include themselves in the sharing. The experience can be mystical and divine.

Suggestion: Milk Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows
Yes. Yes. Yes.

What is your favorite chocolate store? I love CocoaBella because of their extensive selection of chocolates from all over the world. And for keeping with tradition, La Maison du Chocolat.

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