ChocoScope : The Chocolate Guide for the Holidays – Part 1

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chocolate and zodiac signs

Each Zodiac Sign has a chocolate preference

The Holidays is the season where we gift each other with chocolate. Choosing the right chocolate for the intended recipient can be a daunting task. But fear not! Astrology can help you navigate the maze of gift giving by telling you what kind of chocolate each zodiac sign prefers.

The chocolate flavors suggested for each sign are extracted from the book “Chocolate  Astrology” by Joy Nagy.

ARIES: Eats the whole bar in one swoop whilst doing something exciting.  It helps them maintain their energy level. Any leftover is shared with friends, if there is leftovers.

Suggestion: Bittersweet Chocolate – Covered Cherries

Personally, I would choose a chocolate confection with chili peppers.

TAURUS:  Due to their sensual nature, texture, taste and presentation are highly important.  They will not spare any expense to get the best chocolate experience. They love chocolate with soft centers that come in a beautiful packaging.

Suggestion: Dark Chocolate Truffles with Chestnut Cream Filling

Sounds yummy. But then I love chestnut cream!

GEMINI: They sample each piece of chocolate before deciding, while multi-tasking at the same time.

Suggestion: White Chocolate Truffles with Green Tea Ganache

horoscope chocolate

Each sign has a chocolate eating preference

I can see where this combination would appeal to Geminis. No need to choose as it has a little bit of everything.

CANCER: Tends to eat their chocolates for comfort and to soothe their emotions.

Suggestion: Milk Chocolates with Orange Cream Filling
I don’t know. I love milk chocolate, just not the cream filing. But hard shell and soft center really translate Cancer’s protective and soft nature.

LEO:  Buys lots of the best stuff they can afford to share with friends.

Suggestion: Bittersweet Chocolate Lemon Cups

I am drooling. Need I say more?

VIRGO: Eats their chocolate in tiny bite sizes in an orderly fashion. And then only a small piece. The rest is neatly tucked away. They are the most disciplined sign as far as eating chocolate is concerned.

Suggestion: Dark Chocolate Truffles

An absolutely no no for me. But my mother, a Virgo, loves the simplicity and understated charm of truffles. And she does eat her chocolate in the fashion described above.

Does this list resonates with your sign? What do you think? Share your preferences here.

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