Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Communication Gluttony

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Mercury retrograde

Mercury In Sagittarius: Communication Gluttony

How we used to communicate

I was thinking about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius  - December 10-December 29 – and it hit me how much our methods of communicating (Mercury) have changed in a couple of decades. It has grown from basically phone and mail to an excessive number of choices.

As a kid, in the’60s, the means of communication were still pretty simple.  I still remember bakelite phones, telegrams and when making an international call was a big deal and you had to place the call via an operator. You sent letters. Through snail mail.

Today, we have a plethora of options. We can:

  • Call
  • Text
  • Email
  • Post
  • Tweet
  • Skype
  • Video chat

I am probably forgetting a couple of other possible choices. Each option comes with a vast array of features, bells and whistles. But do we communicate better?

Mercury and communication

Too much communication?

Communication Gluttony: Better Communication?

I don’t think so! And here is why….

The other day I tried to reach my roommate as I needed to know if he would be home for dinner. I tried calling on the landline, cell phone.  He did not answer either phones. Left a voice message on both. After a while, with no response, I tried texting.

When he came home, I expressed my surprise that he had not returned my phone call or text message

“Don’t you check your phone messages?” I asked. Actually, no. He tweets.

Here is the rub. With so many different ways to communicate, everyone has a preference.

That’s a problem.

Learning a new way of communicating

Because each of us has a preferred method. As a consequence, we have to learn how each person we communicate with wants to be contacted.

For example, if a client needs to reach me, they  know to email me.  Phones  call go unanswered even cell phones calls.

As I explained, my roommate is only reachable by Twitter.

My clients seem to prefer communicating via phone calls. If they live in the Bay Area, we go traditional and meet face-to-face.

My  astrology colleagues, peers and peeps and I communicate primarily via Facebook. And since I’m online pretty much all day, it makes it for an easy, fast and instant method.  With Facebook, I can communicate with astrologers from all over the globe, as well as with potential clients and possible leads.  And if I want to “talk” more in depth or privately, sending private messages or DMs make it cinchy.

My friends spread out all over the world? Skype! Hands down.

Rethinking our communication method

The problem I face with the multitude of options available? I tune out and don’t’ bother to respond at all. I feel overwhelmed.

If I need to reach out to somebody, I need to know beforehand how this person is reachable. So I can get an answer back. Is it by text, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter? I can’t do it via one vehicle. Nope. I know some prefer to be called, others text and a good portion  of my contacts rely on email for daily communications. Thank god!

So here’s what I’d like to do during the Mercury Retrograde transit.  A review and rethinking (Mercury) of my means of communication. Simpler choices?

Do you face this problem? Do you feel overwhelmed by too many choices on how to communicate. Share your stories.

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