How to Seduce A Leo Man!

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Interested in a Leo Man? And you want to seduce him? Some basic astrological principles will tell you how.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Leos follow the path of the sun. Always shinning, spreading their warmth around and bringing life and light to their environment.

But before your put in practice your seduction strategy, you need to know what motivates Leos.

Leo Keywords:

  • Assertive, bold, confident,  solid, warm, jovial, conspicuous
  • Sincere, steadfast, bossy, energetic, independent, open, creative,
  • Generous, grand, idealistic, wants to be the center of attention,
  • Elegant, frank, creative self-expression, flamboyant, showy,
  • Playful, loyal, cheerful, warm-hearted, self-assured,
  • Charismatic, broad-minded, optimistic.

After Hello

Seducing a Leo should be fun. That’s because they love to have fun! They are party animals! (pun intended!) and they  want everybody around them to have fun also. So, if you want to attract the attention of a Leo man, you need to display a playful nature and also be prepared to outsmart the competition as the Leo  knows he is attractive to women.

how to seduce a leo manFirst Moves

As a principle always treat a Leo like royalty, which means that seducing that sign does not come in cheap. They like extravagant gifts, fine dining. If you are on a budget tough, you can overcome the problem by showering him with attention or flattering him. Actually, this is always a good idea with Leos and you never outdo a Leo in that department. He just is naturally born with a high opinion of himself.

He loves the outdoors when the sun, his ruler, is shinning. So, plan plenty of sports activities.

Keeping Him Seduced

Leo is a romantic at heart. Nothing pleases this sign more than a stroll in the park, holding hands. Romance is not a word for him, it’s a way of life. When cozzying up at home, don’t forget to set the ambiance – soft lights, plushy things, jazzy music, etc…Make it an unforgettable experience each time. I know it seems like a lot a work and it is. But worth it as Leo can teach you the nature of pleasure. Pursuing leisure and romance, enriching our senses is what Leos do best.

If you follow the above you should not have trouble getting Leo to treat you like a queen to his king.

Good luck and let me know how your seduction strategy went by leaving a comment!

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One Response to How to Seduce A Leo Man!

  1. Do believe the same applies for a Leo woman? They’re just as extravagant as their sun-guide lion male counterparts, so I’d say getting to her heart involves the same process!

    Good post; I’ve subscribed to AstrologyUnboxed will definitely spread the word!

    - Alyssa

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