The Secret to Understand A Venus Retrograde Transit

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This post was inspired by a workshop given by Dana Gerhardt on Venus Retrograde  for the San Francisco Astrological Society.

venus transitUnderstanding Transits

One of the best ways to understand transits is to check what happened in your life at the end of one of those transits. Do a review of the events, feeling and emotions that transpired during the period.

As part of her workshop on better understanding Venus retrograde, Dana Gerhardt presented the class with a questionnaire to help participants focus on the recent transit.

Dana’s argument for doing this exercise is that is allows us to get a grasps on how Venus retrograde transits operate in our own lives.

I took Dana’s idea and adapted it with my own questions, focusing on the themes and issues represented by Venus in Scorpio.

The Goddess of Love goes retrograde every 584 days and repeats her transit in the same sign every 8 years. If you want to understand the underlying patterns that a Venus retrograde in Scorpio transit brings up for you, go back to the last couple of times when this happened. (October 1986, October 1994, October 2002).

venus plutoRetrograde transit review 101

Venus finished her retrograde transit in Scorpio on November 18. As I stated in my article, this retrograde period (October 8-November 18) would have us focus on us “re-evaluating the worth and value of people and things in our life….. Together with issues ruled by Scorpio and its ruler Pluto: intimacy and sexuality, trust and power, money matters (joint finances, legacies, inheritances, wills).”

Let’s see if any of these themes popped up in your life during the period where Venus was apparently moving backwards in the sky.

Go back to the end of October and check any events that occurred during that time that are Venus related.

Do the same thing for the following six weeks.

Answer the questionnaire below.

After answering the questions, look at your responses and see if there is any theme that emerges, especially if compared to previous transits.


  • Was any of your relationships out of harmony during this transit?
  • Did you restore it? Why or why not?
  • Did you come to any realization concerning personal relationships?
  • On how friends, lovers and/or family members valued you?
  • Or how you valued them?
  • Did you feel unloved or unappreciated until Venus turned direct?
  • Did you become more aware of needy, manipulative people in your life?
  • Have you reconnected with anybody from your past?
  • Did you heal any wounds around past relationships?

venus in scorpio retrogradeMoney

  • Have you purchased an expensive item during this period and now you are experiencing buyer’s remorse?
  • Any store credits gone wrong? You get a $10 refund when it should be $100?
  • Have you noticed an increase in clients? Have clients called out of the blue to book appointments?
  • Did you have a conversation with a significant other in your life around money, wills, long-term family care?


  • Have you had an increase in appreciation for beauty either internally or externally?
  • Did you experience more joy and pleasure in your life during this transit?
  • Have you been more inspired lately?
  • How did you treat yourself during this period?

As I responded to Dana’s own questionnaire during the workshop, I  noticed the following on my own life.

1) How much I was being incogruent in regards to what I wanted form my relationships.

2) I did also observe an increase in clients booking readings.  Which is a manifestation of Venus retrograde that did not surprised me. I have Venus retrograde in my natal chart in 2nd house. Over the years, I have experienced that same pattern repeatedly. Money coming my way without any effort on my part.

3) I did reconnect with someone from my past.

4) Business partnerships possibilities showed up in the art field.

What did you notice? What showed up for you? Let me know. Share your story.

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