Happy Birthday Sagittarius! From My Kitchen to Yours!

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If you were born between November 22 and December 20, give or take a day, you were born under the sign of Sagittarius.

To celebrate Sagittarius during their birthday month, I thought I would continue picking information from Lucy Ash’s book “A Taste of Astrology”.

Some of the keywords associated with Sagittarius are:

  • Adventurous, Adaptable, Expansive, Frank, Jovial
  • Optimistic, Freedom Loving, Good-humored, Honest
  • Straightforward, Intellectual, Philosophical, Careless
  • Irresponsible, Tactless, Restless, Idealistic, Casual,
  • Friendly, Buoyant, Gregarious, Enthusiastic, Studious,
  • Farseeing, Direct, Outspoken, Loyal, Loves Travel

How these characteristics would that translate in the Sagittarius host? The Sagittarius guest? Or the Sagittarius cook?

Jupiter horoscopeJupiter’s Foods of Choice

According to Lucy Ash, Sagittarius have an intense love for asparagus, apricots, chestnuts, currants, juniper, berries, figs, limes, maple, olives, pears, strawberries and sugarcane.

What strikes me from that list is the emphasis on sweet, fragrant, and spicy and strong, like sweet and sour chicken. Could that be a favorite Sagittarius dish? I will ask my Sag friends.

Their herbs and spices of choice are balm(??), borage (??), cloves, marjoram, myrrh (!?), saffron and sage. When I read the selection of herbs and spices, I must confess I was scratching my head. Huh!! Balm, myrrh, borage? Aren’t those a salve you use for ointments or incense stuff? You can cook with them?

My second thought was that I was loosing something in the translation. Maybe the words were more common in Britain than in the United States as the author is English. In any case, I was puzzled.

I went online to research. Indeed, balm refers to lemon balm from the mint family and is commonly used as a spice and for tea. Myrrh is what I thought it was – incense. How it applies to cooking, I don’t know. Maybe I should ask Stephanie Gailling who is an apothecary at Planetary Apothecary and has a ton of good information on her site.

As for borage, the dictionary tells me “it’s a plant with star-shaped blue flowers. The young leaves have a cucumber-like flavor and are sometimes used in salads or as seasoning.” I learned something.

As for meat, she cites game birds, hare, rabbit and venison.

Sagittarius food

Borage, A Sagittarius Herb

Sagittarius as Cooks

Right from the start, Lucy Ash states that “Sagittarius are not always the greatest cooks.” But she adds that they are great entertainers! Does this means that you, as a guest, will have a wonderful time, laugh a lot but leave with an empty stomach?

No. It means that the results will be a surprise. Sag’s do not like to follow recipes. They are “intuitive” cooks who like to experiment and chart new territory.  Fortunately, as Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the planet of luck, any disaster will be avoided. Just be prepared for an exotic culinary experience, an education of your taste buds. You have been forewarned.

Sagittarius as Guests

As a guest, Sagittarius makes for mixed bag. On the one hand, you are guaranteed an entertaining guest who will liven up the party with their charm, enthusiasm and general sunny disposition.

On the other hand, they are very accident-prone. Combined with their innate adventurousness, it can lead to potential disasters, such as them dropping the dishes you just spent the whole day preparing.

The author’s advice is to keep them out of the kitchen and delegate them the task of mixing the other guest as you put on the finishing touches on your dinner.

A final word, if you are  are entertaining  this holiday season and want to know what drinks to serve to your guests, check out my post on the zodiac signs and their favorite drinks!

Sagittarius, what do you think? Does that ring true? Share your story and insights.

During their birthday month, Sagittarius gets a discount if they book a reading – 35% off from regular price. Contact me for details.

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday Sagittarius! From My Kitchen to Yours!

  1. pankaj malviya says:

    can you send me some information about GEMENIANS?my dob is 01-06-1963…time 02-10 pm (ist)

  2. katley says:

    I have the moon in Sag and I adore ethnic food. When I have time, which isn’t often these days I cook it. The favorites at our house include: goulash, rouladen, and ćevapčići. At Christmastime we eat Puerto Rican food.

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Love goulash and Beef Strogonoff which is very popular in Brazil. I am used to eat ethnic food also so much so that I do not see it anymore as ethnic food, but what I like. I grew up on French, American and Brazilian Cuisine with a weekly outing to our favorite Chinese restaurant. I have kept the tradition by living in San Francisco. Christmas was a combination of both French and American with some touches of Portuguese and Italian.
      What is rouladen and the other non-pronounceable dish?

  3. katley says:

    Rouladen is a German dish made with beef, pickles, bacon, and onion. Here’s a link to Wikipedia with pictures. I learned to make them in Germany.


    Cevapčići is made with meat, ground beef, pork and lots of spices, and is very popular in Serbia. It’s hard to pronounce but it’s very tasty (and will clog up your arteries if you eat it too often :) For more about food from the Balkans, (including cevapčići) read:

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Thanks for the explanations. I made the mistake of reading your entry just before starting dinner and now I am famished! :) I probably had rouladen when I lived in Tubigen. As for the other dish, I had something similar in Greece.

  4. katley says:

    I know of Tubingen..university town not far from Stuttgart. Were you a student at the university there?

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Yes, along time ago. Loved the year I spent there as an exchange student. Made friends with a wonderful Turkish couple!
      Now, ask me if I can speak German!?

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