How to Use the Daily Moon Sign to Plan your Activities

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Moon signsThe Moon as a Daily Planner

Previously, I described how anyone could use the Moon phases to their advantage (here). Today, I will go to even more details on how you can use the daily moon sign as a planner for your day to day activities.

For example, you are planning a party and you want it to be a smashing success. Pick a day when the moon is in Gemini, Leo, Libra or Sagittarius.  If you want to impress your boss with your initiative and can do attitude, choose a day when the moon is in Aries.

Planning  your Activities 101

Ready to plan your activities? Here is how:

1)   Buy an astrological calendar or planner that lists the daily positions of the moon according to your time zone. Good options are Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer or Celestial Guide, Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, or the Farmer’s Almanac.

2)  Note where the sign the moon is in on any specific date.

3)  Choose activities appropriate for the sign the moon is located by consulting the list below.

gibbous moonWhen the Moon is in….it’s good for:

Aries: Mood is very competitive, people are easily irritated. High level of energy is present. Good for starting projects, single activities, sports.

Taurus: Money talk! Pick the moon in Taurus if you want to have a clear picture of your finances (investments, cash flow, income and expenses, savings). In that sign, the moon allows you to be grounded,  practical and a bit stubborn. It is also a good time to indulge your senses by gardening, enjoying a gourmet meal, having a massage, going out on a romantic date.

Gemini: With the Moon in Gemini, communication is the name of the game. Plan your day around meeting people, teaching, speaking, making phone calls (specially sales ones), having conversations and any mental and intellectual work.

Cancer: When the Moon is in it’s own sign, it’s time to schedule some family activities where generations are gathered around comfort food and family movies. It’s a very moody and emotional time, where people like to reminiscence about the past and celebrate traditions. With Moon in Cancer you are also able to take stock of your own feelings.

Leo: Party time! Perfect for entertaining, performing and anything that involves having fun and taking on the limelight. However, watch out for drama!

Virgo: Good for taking care of one’s health, start a diet! Schedule any detailed work that requires you to be precise, systematic and organized for when the moon is in Virgo. Just don’t let that Moon drive you to perfectionism that get’s nothing done.

moon phasesLibra: Need to have an important conversation with your significant other? Discuss an agreement? Mediate a dispute? Pick a time when the moon is in Libra for a result that is balanced and equitable for the parties concerned. It is also a good time to get involved with artistic activities (art galleries, museums, redecorating, etc…) in a group setting. It’s a people oriented time!

Scorpio: Time to heal those emotional wounds! Or at least get insights into your own ulterior motives and those of others. Any activity that has a healing quality to it is a good usage of the moon in Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Time to travel! Physically or metaphorically! When the Moon is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, we tend to feel optimistic, buoyant, generous. We want to expand our horizons by reading, learning, teaching and any activity that connects us to the world at large.

Capricorn: This moon means business. It wants you to be practical, well grounded, hard at work. Excellent time to write down a business plan, establish concrete goals, do some strategy planning.

Aquarius: Perfect for being out there! It’s a social time where you can get together with your friends to try out a new, unconventional, offbeat, trendy activity.

Pisces: Dream time! Get inspired! Get creative! Wonderful for swimming, dancing, praying, listening to music, meditating, walks at the beach. It’s a peaceful mood to relax and recover. The only danger is self-pity and indulgence of mood enhancers (drugs, alcohol).

As you follow the moon’s journey around each sign, you will learn to tune into the moon and plan practically and effectively your activities. No more bad, unproductive days were nothing goes right and you feel you have accomplished nothing.

Of course, if all of this Moon following feels like too much to tackle on your own, I can help you. I can customize your own moon calendar, around the activities you most want to focus on! Contact me!

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