Developing Your Perfect Down-to-Earth Character Using Astrology

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This is post #3 in my series on how writers can use the 4 elements to help them develop characters and plots. Previous posts can be found here and here.

character developmentDeveloping credible, robust characters is the bread and butter of every novelist. That’s what they strive for every time, they sit down in front of a computer.

But sometimes, it’s not easy to come up with such characters. Using astrology and the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) can help a writer understand his characters’ dreams, aspirations, hopes, goals, conflicts, weaknesses and strengths.

The Earth Element: Concept and Keywords

If you wanted to develop a character that was  Some keywords that describes this element and consequently the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are:

  • productive, practical, material gain, loyal, determined
  • materialistic, demanding, controlling, greedy, fearful
    • analytical, businesslike, capable, cautious, critical, depressive
    • disciplined, dull, fertility, grounded, hardworking, loyal,
    • materialistic, mean, nature, obstinate, patient, physical, precise,
    • reliable, restrained, ruthless, self-righteous, sensible, sensual,
    • slovenly, steady, stubborn, tenacious, upright,
    • conservative, materialistic, safe/secure, skeptic, suspicious,
    • sensual, solid, purposeful,  feel control over physical/material,
    • grounded,  organized, dependable,  controlled,  realistic,
    • introvert,  appreciation of food, touch,  efficient,  strong survival instinct

This list of keywords can provide enough information to get a good feel on how to develop your character (personality, mannerisms, interests and attitudes) using this element.

down to earth character writingThe Earth Element Characters’ Positive Traits and Attributes

An Earth character would exhibit the following personality traits:

  • A pragmatic, cautious and practical mentor, advisor, business person that loves to build solid material success. He is someone who is grounded in the here and now.
  • A sporty character who enjoys spending time outside, hiking, walking, climbing or tending his garden. This character needs to have a physical contact with nature.
  • A level-headed character who is stable, resilient and supportive with a practical approach to problem solving.
  • A character who thrives on logic and prefer to deal with facts rather than half-baked ideas or pies in the sky abstract notions.
  • A hardworking, loyal, and dependable character who can be counted on to see a job through to the end.
  • A faithful man or woman to his/her friends and loved ones.
  • Someone who is concerned with values (traditions, laws, codes, standards, public opinion).
  • Somebody who is very sensual and likes to use all his senses to seduce.
  • He  thrives on responsibilities and mundane tasks.

character creation - earth elementThe Earth Element Characters’  Negative Traits and Attributes

Let’s now have a quick look at the downside qualities of our Earth character that could be used to give more depth to our hero:

  • He can be somewhat stolid, naturally prudent, cautious and  slow to take action.
  • He is averse to anything  spontaneous or impulsive  and really does not like to take the initiative.
  • He is very materialistic oriented and is obsessed about accumulating possessions and wealth. As a consequence, he can be tight fisted with his money.
  • He has a hard time loosening up and having a good time.
  • He refuses to be rushed into making a decision or taking action. Any decision or action is methodically considered.
  • He can have obsessive habits and be stubborn about them.
  • He can be extravagant, self-indulgent with a tendency to exaggeration.

As a writer, the more you understand each of the 4 elements the better you will be able to portray three-dimensional heroes, heroines, villains and supporting cast.

I would love to hear from you. What did you discover by using the earth element method to create the characters in your story?

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