Writers! Learn How to Use the Fire Element to Develop Characters

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This is post #2 in my series on how writers can use the 4 elements to help them develop characters and plots. To read the previous one, click here

The Fire Element: Concept and Keywords

4 elementsToday, we start with the Fire Element. Some keywords that describes this element and consequently the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are:

  • Enthusiastic, inspirational, imaginative, energetic, outgoing;
  • Adventurous, ardent, arrogant, assertive, blunt;
  • Creative, egotistical, energetic, enthusiastic, exciting, explosive;
  • Forthright, honest, hot-blooded, hot-tempered, spontaneous;
  • Impatient, impractical, impulsive, intuitive;
  • Magnetic, optimistic, outgoing, passionate, positive;
  • Strength, thoughtless, uncomplicated, volatile, warm

This list of keywords can provide enough information to get a good feel on how to develop your character (personality, mannerisms, interests and attitudes) using this element.

fire elementThe Fire Element Characters’ Positive Traits and Attributes

A fire character would exhibit the following personality traits:

  • An initiator that loves to come up with new ideas, solutions, explore new possibilities. He is a germinator of ideas and actions.
  • Somebody who is at his best when he quick starts something. No routine for him. He is future oriented.
  • A natural born leader who takes the initiative and to whom people turn to for guidance.
  • A character who has great faith in self and their own power and talent. Very confident.
  • A man or woman with high energy levels who seems to glow with warmth and exuberance and to whom people are attracted to.
  • Very active physically, always on the move
  • Someone with a zest for life who likes to have a good time and share it with his numerous friends.
  • An honest, blunt and straightforward communication style with a tendency to speak their mind.

The Fire Element Characters’  Negative Traits and Attributes

Let’s now have a quick look at the downside qualities of our fire character that could be used to give more depth to our hero:

  • He is impatient, aggressive and arrogant with others who are not as energetic  or enthusiastic as he is.
  • He is BIG and LOUD. In nature, fire roars, cracks, sparkles, pops and roars, so does our fire signs.
  • He wants to be recognized and acknowledged for his accomplishments and can pout if nobodies pays attention to him.
  • He can be overconfident is his talent and abilities.
  • He lacks team spirit because he wants to do everything himself
  • He be willful, rushing into things with haste causing hurt feelings.
  • He does not like responsibilities or even being tied to mundane tasks.
  • He is easily bored which can make our hero prone to be wild, turbulent and reckless.
  • He can be extravagant, self-indulgent with a tendency to exaggeration.

Well, I could go on and on with this list, but you get the idea. So, imagine…. What would your story be like if you mixed and matched the traits and attributes of fire to create memorable and intriguing characters!

I would love to hear from you. What did you discover by using this method to create the characters in your story?

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5 Responses to Writers! Learn How to Use the Fire Element to Develop Characters

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  2. As a writer, I LOVE what you’ve done here, Fabienne! What an original approach to creating characters! Your listing of the qualities of a firey character was excellent–very creative and useful.

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I’m very impressed with the quality of your posts. Congratulations. Donna Cunningham

    • Fabienne Lopez says:

      Hi Donna:
      I love it too! Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me.
      It is a lot of fun to show my readers the intersection of astrology and creativity. It is still a work in process. I believe that in the near future I will be able to develop this niche into a product and/service that helps creative people overcome their creative blocks and develop their talents by using the services of an astrologer, much like they would use a creativity coach.

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