Venus Retrograde: I want to be an Opera Singer!

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Being an Opera Singer

As a kid, I wanted to be an Opera Singer when I grew up.

Not a ballerina, not an actress, not a doctor: an opera singer.

And I have no singing talent.  I have a voice that is similar in tonality, texture, coloratura and timbre to your average human. But opera singers always held a keen interest for me. I find them alluring and fascinating, mysterious and magical, sensual virtuosos.

As far as I can remember my fascination stems from the cartoon character, Bianca Castafiore, from Hergė’s comic-book series the Adventures of Tintin.

As a comic book, Tintin never held much allure to my childhood eyes. There is a legend in my family that I shredded to pieces my sister’s entire collection of Tintin (all 24 albums!) in revenge from something my sister had done to me.  A major sacrilege! It tells you how much I hated that series and wanted revenge from my sister!

Bianca CastafioreBianca Castafiore

In my childish eyes, the only saving grace of these comic-books was the character of Bianca Castafiore.

According to Wikipedia, Bianca Castafiore “is a Milanese opera singer whom Haddock absolutely despises. She seems to constantly be popping up wherever he goes, along with her maid Irma and pianist Igor Wagner. She is comically foolish, whimsical, absent-minded, and talkative, and seems unaware that her voice is shrill and appallingly loud. Her specialty is the Jewel Song (Ah! je ris de me voir si belle en ce miroir) from Gounod’s opera, Faust, and sings this at the least provocation, much to Haddock’s dismay. She tends to be melodramatic in an exaggerated fashion and is often maternal toward Haddock She was based upon opera divas in general, and, in the post-war comics, on Maria Callas in particular.”

Castafiore is clearly mocked in Hergė’s albums (Hergė apparently didn’t like opera singers). Still, she represents in my eyes, the apotheosis of all art forms: divine singing, beautiful music, intense drama, convincing acting coming together to embody human artistic expression in a very physical way.

venus retrogradeVenus Retrograde: Internal Desires

What’s all this got to do with the Venus retrograde title of the post? When a planet is retrograde in the sky (appears to be moving backwards), it is a period when we re-assess, re-evaluate and re-consider the matters and affairs pertaining to the particular planet.

In the case of Venus, the reassessment involves looking at the following areas in your life: pleasure, love, romance, relaxation, aesthetics, peaceful feelings, harmony, money, and values.

From October 8 through November 18, 2010, Venus is retrograding in Scorpio and Libra. Thus, we are  presently experiencing these issues in our lives.

When you happen to have Venus Retrograde natally in your chart (meaning you were born during a Venus retrograde), this re-assessment becomes permanent  and internal. You feel inhibited in your search for what you really want and desire. Expressing yourself  and/or achieving fulfillment in any of the above areas is difficult.

In my case, my love for the performing arts is very internal. Rarely, does it come out to express itself in a creative form. It’s a hidden desire. Known only to me. And that’s a Venus Retrograde.

I even suspect that, as far as Opera singing is concerned, I am far more in love with the idea of opera singing than the actual reality of it. But the need to express myself creatively is real.

So my struggle is how to overcome my tendency to keep my creative needs inside myself and instead put them out in the world. With a natal Venus retrograde, this is a lifelong homework.

I would like to hear from readers who have a natal Venus retrograde and their experiences during this retrograde transit

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2 Responses to Venus Retrograde: I want to be an Opera Singer!

  1. Beth Barany says:

    Hi Fabienne, I don’t think I have a natal Venus retrograde. How do I know? However, I too have the secret dream of being a singer. Instead of being an opera singer — a kind of singer I don’t really “get” — I would love to be able to haunting Celtic songs in a beautiful soulful voice, on stage. This is a secret, now a public secret, like yours!

    • Fabienne says:

      Hi Beth:

      To determine if you have a Venus retrograde in your chart you would have to look at an ephemeris. As fort he singing part, maybe at our next meeting we could do a karaoke.

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