Having a Scorpio coming over for Dinner? Know What to Do!

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scorpio traitsIf you were born between October 24 and November 22, give or take a day, you were born under the sign of Scorpio.

To celebrate  Scorpios during their birthday month, I thought I would continue picking information from Lucy Ashe’s book “A Taste of Astrology”.

Some of the keywords associated with Scorpio are:

  • intense, emotional, passionate, erotic,
  • determined, obstinate, compelling,
  • powerful, strong-willed, forceful, bold,
  • secretive, loyal, perceptive,
  • resourceful, possessive, psychological,
  • prowling, probing, fixed, focused.

How  these characteristics would that translate in the Scorpio host? The Scorpio guest? Or the Scorpio cook?

scorpio foodsPluto Foods of Choice

According to Lucy Ash, Scorpio have an intense love for Asparagus, bananas, blackberries, cacti, garlic, leeks, nettles, peppers, pine nuts, rhubarb and root vegetables.

From that list, I am only puzzled by the banana. All other foods of choice are either prickly thorns and hidden cores, much like this zodiac sign or they grow deep inside the earth. A reference to Pluto’s domain.

After further reflection, I believe I figured why the banana. Indeed, it is a food fit for Scorpios.

Their herbs and spices of choice are  basil,  cayenne, ginseng,  horseradish, mustard and pepper. As for meat, she cites fish, offal, reptiles and shellfish.

scorpio as hosts and guestsScorpios as Cooks

As a cook, Scorpios will often “be quite fearless and adventurous… and could encompass any part of the world. Scorpios like to sample exotic foods.Their menu would probably feature some spicy flavors, unusual combinations such “mushrooms cooked with horseradish”, ending with a flambéed desert (hence the banana). The idea is to offer a varied cornucopia of interesting flavors, tastes and combinations.

Scorpio as Guests

As a guest, Scorpio makes for a difficult one. They totally expects a gourmet meal served with style and perfectly. No errors, misses and half-attempts at cooking. He won’t forgive you and let you forget. And worse won’t touch your food!

The only silver lining if the dinner turns into a disaster is that a Scorpio would rather have an interesting disaster than a boring success.

Do not let the fear of failure prevent you from entertaining your Scorpios friends. Any criticism from their part is only given to help you improve. On the other hand, any compliments signals that you have achieved your goal to feed their senses with delightful luxury and exotic dishes.

Some of the dishes suggested included Asparagus wrapped in Parma Ham, poached Eel with parsley sauce and baked Alaska for desert.

Some of these recipes do not seem overly exotic to me, but maybe were considered as such at the time of the book’s publication in 1987. What do you think? Is Asparagus with Parma Ham or a Baked Alaska still considered mysterious and exotic? Or have they become common place? Or even worse, have they lost their trendiness, and become unfashionable?

Scorpios, what do you think? What are your favorite foods and dishes?

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3 Responses to Having a Scorpio coming over for Dinner? Know What to Do!

  1. Gian Paul says:

    You are close the mark with Sun sign Scorpio at your culinary feasts. Watch out if your guest is a MOON in Scorpio: Will probably curse you (at least once out of the door) for having eaten too much. And it’s entirely your fault. The food was just tooooo good!

    • Fabienne says:

      Hi Gian Paul:

      Good to hear from you. You have a point, I should definitely include the Moon’s point of view in these posts. Food and Moon is such a given, how could I have forgotten that!!? Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Drew scorpio says:

    Very specific, and totally missed the mark for me. Just because someone is critical doesn’t mean they are rude enough to insult a hosts cooking

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