Writers! 4 Little Known Ways to Develop Fictional Characters

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4 little knwon ways to develop fictional charactersThis is the first post on a series of that will delve into how writers can use the 4 elements to help them develop their characters and plot

There many ways astrology can help creative people to boost their  talents. Earlier I showed in a series of articles how 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus) could help understand the nature of your creativity. Then, I  demonstrated how astrocartography could be used to propel your creative career to new heights.

Now, I want to show a different way of looking at the writing process. I will demonstrate how writers can use the elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) to develop their characters and possible plots.

astrology helping creativityWhy that would be useful for a writer? 3 main reasons:

1) Astrology offers a powerful tool – a means that allows writers to develop congruent characters in any genre of story. By using astrology, authors can know how their characters will feel, think, and what motivates them.  This can be a very useful way for writers who have trouble with characterization.

2) Astrology can indicate how their character is going to react in different types of situations and what kinds of actions they will likely undertake in response to the situations they are facing.

3) Writers could even build a chart of each of their characters in order to get the full spectrum of their characters strengths, weaknesses, traits, characteristics, challenges and opportunities.

Below a short description of each element, followed by some examples on how to the elements can be used to develop characters. Later posts will go more deeply into the each element.

Fire:  Imaginative, Enthusiastic and Inspirational Characters

A fire character will be very energetic, enthusiastic and driven by dreams, inspiration and imagination.  In general, a fiery type will be action oriented and will put his energy into whatever his is doing. He can also be impulsive and hotheaded. In a scene where a hero is having a confrontation with someone, his typical response would be to have an argument.

Earth: Practical, Stable, Materialistic, Realistic Character

An earthy character would be well suited to deal with mundane situations where would need to be grounded. The hero can be very wealthy. His fortune comes from real estate, buying and selling properties. He is now suffering a reversal in fortune.  An earthy type will assess the damage and take whatever practical steps are needed to find new opportunities to make lots of money.

Air:  Intellectual, Communicative and Social Character.

An airy character is someone who is very intellectual. He could be a journalist, a scientist, a professor. He likes to debate ideas in social situations and uses words as weapons. Any situation involving an airy type would be rational and logical. Any solution would be also carefully analyzed, any action meticulously planned. Any scene in this case would contain as much information as possible. The element of conflict in the plot would come from the tension created between the abundance of ideas and their practical application.

Water: Emotional, Psychic, Mystical, Intuitive Characters.

Water characters are the “feelers,” nurturers, caretakers and romantics of your story.  They are the ones who are closely in touch with their feelings. They are the ones who will give emotional depth to your story by going through a roller coaster of emotions:  from the heights of emotional bliss to the abyss of despair while falling in love. They are intuitive and “know” when they have found their soul mate.

These are basic descriptions of the 4 elements in character form. Of course, you can mix and match the elements to make your character more interesting or to create some basic inner conflicts.

Writing is a full time job. If you’re curious about learning how you can give more spark to your characters, then contact me to see how an astrological consultation can help your creative life come alive.

I’m also curious to hear from writers and their experience with using astrology to help them build their stories.

If you found this article useful, please share with your fellow writers!

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5 Responses to Writers! 4 Little Known Ways to Develop Fictional Characters

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey there!

    The astrocartography link isn’t working for some reason and I want to read that article :D

  2. Beth Barany says:

    I liked running through my characters and seeing which element they fit. As i dive into a new book, I’ll add astrology to my character development and let you know how it goes! Thanks Fabienne!

    • Fabienne says:

      Hi Beth:

      I would love to hear how it goes for you! You can be my poster child for using this method to develop characters and plots. Keep in touch, as they will be more posts coming up detailling the process with each of the 4 elements.

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