How to Choose your Halloween Costume with the Zodiac

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Suggestions for costumes for this coming Halloween are popping out faster than any microwave pop corn. As it should be, since Halloween is all about letting your ego roam free of societal fetters. It is the one chance in the year that we can express the more primal, darker, weirder side of our nature. So go ahead and try your alter ego according to your sun sign.

halloween costumesAries: Rams is a masculine sign who loves to play macho roles. You’ll want, therefore, to choose a costume that embodies that archetype. As accessories, lots of sharps objects (knifes, scalpels, swords, daggers, and all other pointy “possibilities”). Ideas: Chief (any kind), gladiator, soldier, cowboy, matador, police officer, firefighter, pilot, Nascar race car driver, a circus knife-thrower artist.

Taurus:  Ruled by Venus, Taurus people have a need for a costume that is pretty. What comes to mind is of course, Aphrodite or any famous sex symbol, either an actress or fashion model. If they want to be more attuned to their earthy nature, a Wiccan follower, a flower, Mother Nature or even a beautiful witch or wizard minus the long nose and warts. You can also choose a costume that stimulates the senses, like a faux fur costume (caveman or woman)

Gemini: Being the Twin of the zodiac a dual costume is a must. Gemini need to show their multiple-personalities!  Any pair of opposites: Castor and Pollex; Ying and Yang; Night and Day; Tragedy and Comedy; any hero and their nemesis (Batman and the Joker; Superman and Lex Luthor; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson).

Cancer:  What springs to mind, as far as the perfect costume for a cancer sign: evil mom or stepmother. White Snow and the Evil Queen, Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest, Scarlett O’Hara, Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, any Greek tragedy would be good representation of a Cancerian gone bad! For man, a werewolf costume, of course! For couples, Norman Bates in Psycho and his deceased mom.

Leo: Since Leo tends to be high-drama sign, your choice of costume needs to reflect that quality and be sparkly, shiny, jewely and limelightly with lots of bouffant hair. Male Leos: Ru Paul. Female Leos: Madonna.
Virgo: French Maid, seductive accountant, sexy nurse or librarian,  spinster secretary gone wild, hot doctor. The idea is to put a triple XXX spin on any service oriented costume. Male Virgos should come dressed as a famous detective (Sam Spade, Hercule Poirot, Perry Mason, Nero Wolfe, Philip Marlowe) and their date could come dressed up as their assistant.

halloween decorations

Libra: You like being part of a duo. So a couple’s themed costume is a given.  You have the choice between portraying historical figures like Julius Cesar and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, or be more modern and go out as a Hollywood couple (Brad and Angelina, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz)

Scorpio:  Since it is your birthday you could come as yourself: intense, hardcore and mysterious hiding behind a mask. Or you could come as one of your many alter egos: Jack the Ripper, Jack-O-Lantern, ghost, gravestone, skeleton, death itself, witch, the Devil, pimp, vampire. Female Scorpios can amp up the intensity by portraying any extreme character related to death and sex: dominatrix, prostitute, rebel biker and black or merry widow.

Sagittarius: You need an inspirational, visionary costume that speaks of higher learning and travel. Girls Sagittarius: Lady Godiva (extra points for the horse), Amelia Earhart, Alexandra David-Neel. Boys Sagittarius: Centaur, Robin Hood, Guru.

Capricorn:  With the recent launch of Wall Street 2, going to any Halloween party dressed as Gordon Gekko is a given. But due to the popularity of the movie, you could face some competition. Do not worry, you can also chose any other world authority figure – Head of State, Spiritual Leader, Nobel Prize Economist.  For Cappis women, Indira Gandhi, Hilary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, Mother Teresa.

Aquarius: This sign needs to bypass any traditional costume idea in favor of originality. Some suggestions include GoGo Dancer, 60’s psychedelic experiment, the movie Clockwork Orange, the Age of Aquarius.

Pisces: Mist, smoke and mirrors, fantasy, illusion and drugs are a necessity for any Piscean costume. All accompanied by special effects.

Happy Halloween!

Which costume did you choose? Let me know and share  this post with your friends! Help them choose their own costume!

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2 Responses to How to Choose your Halloween Costume with the Zodiac

  1. Twilight says:

    Fun post Fabienne!

    I’ve only ever dressed up once for Halloween, and that was horrendously many years ago, when I was early teen I think, as a Girl Guides’ fancy dress effort. Back in England of course, where Halloween isn’t the big deal it is in the US – or it wasn’t in those days. I bought a huge piece of very dark blue silky material and attached silver stars and a moon to it and went as “Night” LOL! This was before I’d developed much of an interest in astrology too. Seems more akin to Scorpio than Aquarius I suppose – but it was an easy-peasy way to make a costume from very little. :-)

    • Fabienne says:

      I don’t remember dressing for Halloween. It was never big when I was growing up in Brazil or France. Now it seems the tradition has expanded to other countries like England, Germany and even Brazil and it is on its path to become a just big excuse to have fun. As a kid, we usually celebrated November 1 & November 2 (All Saints Days and Day of the Dead). Now, I live in a predominantly Latino/catholic neighborhood, so the tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead is continued. Halloween celebrations have certainly evolved since my childhood. It has gone from a one day celebration to a month long one. From a neighborhood affair to a 6 billion industry. But I do appreciate the creativity and art involved in the pumpkin carving. Some are absolutely marvelous.

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