How to Use AstroCartography to Boost Your Creativity

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Disclaimer: Although I am an astrologer, I have not been trained as a Astrocartographer; therefore, if you’re seeking any advice related to astrocartography, I would advise you to consult an astrologer certified in that area. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I would recommend Cathy Coleman and Nicki Michaels (Beyond Sun Signs)

Jim Lewis AstrocartographyIn a  previous article (here), I showed how astrology can help creative people better understand the nature of their own creative aptitudes. But there is another usage for astrology that also has a very practical application for creative people, in general, and writers in particular: astrocartography.

What is Astro*carto*graphy®?

Astrocartography was created by astrologer Jim Lewis back in the 70s. For those new to astrology, astrocartography is an astrological mapping technique. With this technique, astrologers place your chart on a map. This lets us know how different areas will resonate with you.

Lewis’ idea was to map the world using your own birth chart in order to discover the best places on Earth to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, live in prosperity or adventure, and where to have improved health, love and romance.  The countries and cities located on one of the 4 angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendant and nadir)  would be powerful points where changes could implemented.

Have you ever observed, or at least felt, that certain locations seem to have certain effects on you? That these locations affect you every time you are there?

Case in point

In the astrocartography map based on my chart, my Mid-heaven (or the highest point in my chart) Jupiter line goes right smack through Paris, France. And indeed it is a place where I’ve always felt expansive, joyful, blessed with a sense of optimism and a spirit of adventure. (And yes I know that having a good time is Paris is not that hard. But not everyone loves Paris. )

As another example, San Francisco – where I currently live – is good for my creative endeavors. And it is here were I have developed creative talents I did not know I had. It relocates my sun, which is in my natal chart in the first house (house of self) to the fifth house of creativity.

Usages of Astro*Carto*Graphy for Authors

Anyone can benefit from astrocartography. Since I am a creativity coach, I thought this would be particularly helpful for authors and writers.

Based on their chart, astrocartography could locate the most positive Mid-heaven lines for their books tours, books translations that would give them good royalties or the best place for their creative juices to flow.

Positioning the Sun, Jupiter or Venus in the Mid-heaven ( a point in your chart straight up at noon ) line would be very fruitful for their enterprises. The reason is that in astrology, the 10th House or Mid-heaven represents our career, public reputation and status in the world.

Depending on what you wanted to emphasize you would relocate the desired planet to one of the four angles of the chart( mid-heaven, ascendant, descendant or . Below are some practical interpretations, indicated by Jim Lewis on his site for the midheaven:

1) Sun in the Mid-heaven:

This is the best place to practice theater, creative arts, leadership, or to seek publicity. Self actualization and promotion work well also.

2) Venus in the Mid-heaven:

Here relationships and partnerships are emphasized. Love and marriage are highlighted under  this point . Beauty, sensuality, luxury, money, ease, and artistic interests dominate; self esteem and appearance improve.

3) Jupiter in the Mid-heaven:

Prosperity, success, social acceptance and status beckon and flourish in this zone. You are taken care of, coddled, and also have success in publishing, team sports. Elevated living standards are balanced. Lucky breaks in material and career concerns are likely.


Astrocartography can also have an influence on the type of creative work. I looked for a well-known artist to use an as example and Pablo Picasso fit the bill.

Upon moving to Paris, Picasso’s sun became angular on the 10th house of career. It is in France that he became a worldwide known artist. He was heralded as the epitome of the “French” artist, despite being of Spanish origin.

The idea to show creative writers and artists the potential of astrocartography came from an article from the famous astrologer, Donna Cunningham. She cites that her book, Healing Pluto Problems, was most successful in Germany, where her Pluto Mid-heaven line runs, bringing on more royalties than the original English version.

Another good example Donna Cunningham gives is Brazil. This country was also very fruitful for her in terms of success. Her Venus-Uranus-Saturn conjunction line is on the Mid-heaven and runs through every major city in that country. As a result all her books have been translated into Portuguese and she has successfully toured Brazil many times.

What locations on the globe have been the most inspiring and fruitful for you?

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