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One of my favorite Book Store

When I am in the neighborhood and have time to spare, I go to Adobe Book Shop on 16th Street and Mission. It is one of my favorite places to hang out. It is a musty, dusty used bookstore. They have comfy chairs, obscure featured artists, a friendly owner and a cat that comes nap next to you.

Their metaphysical section is pretty decent, although I am always asking for more astrology books. To which the owner tells me he cannot keep up with demand. As soon as they come in, they are snagged. I do not doubt him.

Part of my pleasure of going to an used bookstore is the thrill of the hunt and discovery. What treasure will I find there? What book will spark my imagination to the point that I have to buy it?

a taste of astrologyCooking With the Stars!

This time, it was “A Taste of Astrology”, a cookbook by Lucy Ash with the enticing  subtitle of  “240 heavenly recipes and menus for each astrological sign”. What can I say? I love to cook!

The book, published in 1988 has a certain old charm that puts a smile in my face such as when I stumble upon the recipe for Ham Véronique. What the heck is Ham Véronique? I discovered it is a French term for a dish served in a sauce made from cream, white wine and seedless grapes. I all my years living in France, I never encountered this dish. But the recipe sounded delicious enough for me to try.

This is how old fashioned this book is. And I love it!

This recipe collection is organized by astrological sign using different elements, seasonings, and colors linked to attributes. Each section begins with a brief discussion of the particular sign and its tendencies as both a cook and guest, followed by suggested menu organization.

The recipes are always prefaced by an entertaining description of the significance of the ingredients, such as “Semolina is milled from wheat, a cereal that belongs to the Earth Mother and Roman goddess Ceres, who represents Virgo…a sign concerned with the work necessary to produce the fruits of the earth.”

Since, Libra’s are celebrating their birthday this month, I thought I would give some examples extracted from the book.


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Venus  Foods of Choice

According to Lucy Ash, Libras are partial to almonds, apples, avocados, bananas, beans, berries, cherries, chocolate, figs, grapes, legumes, peaches, pears, plums, roses and sugar.
Their herbs and spices of choice are cinnamon, coriander, mints, marshmallow, sorrel and violets. As for meat, she cites fish, lamb and shellfish.

Libras as Cooks

As a cook, Libras will often “favor foods of love such as oysters, scallops and tuna and soft curved mousses and sensual fruits (fig, for example) that reflect the gentle curves of Venus”.

Libras as Guests

As a guest, Libra makes a “rewarding guest” who is relaxed and gifted with the ability to enjoy themselves and their dinner companions. In sum, a Libra guest should turn any dinner party into a delightful cultured and esthetic affair.

As someone with a Libra Moon, I must confess my Libra preferences lined up with what the book said they should be. Same for my Aries sun sign.

Whether or not you are a fan of astrology, this book is a fun read. As for cooks, they might learn more than just recipes. Imagine if they used this cookbook to plan their parties, seduce a date or entice a child to eat their veggies, all according to the respective sun signs. Just dreaming!

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