6 Ways to Turbo-Boost your Creativity with Astrology

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creativityDr. Amantha Imber, an Australian Creativity Guru, recently conducted research to see if it was possible to predict if a person would be an effective creative thinker at work.

The results showed 6 variables that came out as the top indicators of creative potential in the workplace that can also be applied to your own creativity powers.

Reading those indicators, I realized I could correlate these factors to some of the planets in astrology. Here is what I found!

1. Openness to Experience = Curiosity = Mercury

Dr. Imber asserted that the more we seek new experiences, vary our routine, and use our imaginations, the more creative we can be. She suggested we be consciously aware of our routines and actively try different things.

The degree of openness is proportional to the ability to foster new perspectives and approaches to problems. It helps people to think in terms of opposites, metaphors and analogies, while also seeking a synthesis of new ideas. The result is the challenging of assumptions that can stifle the discovery of new solutions.

Understanding our natal Mercury would give us clues of what types of new experiences we might be drawn to. For example, Mercury in Pisces is interested in linguistics, symbology and archetypes.

2. Creative Self-Efficacy = Assertiveness = Mars

What Dr. Imber calls creative self-efficacy relates to the Mars principle of assertiveness and confidence. Her study showed that simply having the belief of being a creative person significantly increases a person’s actual ability to think creatively and generate ideas.

Knowing where your Mars is and using your strengths to enhance your creativity, as I shared in this post, can go a long way toward enhancing your belief as a creative person.

3. Resilience = Limitations = Saturn

Resilience is all about a person’s psychological ability to bounce back easily from disappointments and failures.

This ability is what allows creative people to produce and keep producing average work until a masterpiece is born. A lack of resilience leads creative people to abandon their ideas as they do not translate their inner vision. A masterpiece takes time, several drafts and a willingness to persist in the face of failure and setbacks. Successful creative people are simply willing to try and fail as many times as they must in order to learn how to achieve their visions.

Accepting failure as part of the creative process can help boost resilience.  Knowing the placement of Saturn in our chart, would help us understand how we bounce back. For example, Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th House would show his resilience by developing stronger ties with groups and communities that can serve as an inspiration and support system.

4. Confidence in Intuition = Neptune

Having confidence in one’s intuition can help immensely with creativity, as creative thought often involves tapping into intuitive, “gut” thinking. This “gut” feeling can be defined as an effortless, quick, and automatic form of thinking that we rely on frequently to guide our actions.

In astrology, intuition is represented by the planet Neptune as it links us to the more transpersonal experiences.

Scientific research seems to indicate a strong link between intuition and imagination. To me, it is a biofeedback system: the more imagination and the more intuition you have, the more you have the ability to come up with the solution that’s most appropriate for you.

5. Tolerance of Ambiguity

According to the results of Dr. Imber’s research a high tolerance for ambiguity is indispensable to foster creativity:

Tolerance of Ambiguity relates to how people react to problem solving tasks where the information provided is vague, incomplete or inconsistent, and where the solution and path to get to the solution are not immediately clear. People who are very tolerant of ambiguities are not bothered by problems that are perceived as open-ended or ambiguous as they tend to be highly flexible and dynamic, and they enjoy the autonomy and creativity ill-defined tasks require. Being open to ambiguity and feeling comfortable with these types of problems is key to creative performance, as a large part of creative thinking involves being able to sit comfortably with problems that have no obvious solution.”

Dr. Imber suggests changing the way you perceive nebulous objectives is one way of becoming more comfortable with ambiguity and boost your creativity.

Embracing ambiguity is something most of us struggle with. We are trained to look for clear, precise instructions to follow. But a creative way to think of ambiguity is to see it as an opportunity to showcase your talents and personal touch.

As far as the correlation of ambiguity with a specific astrological principle and planet, I have no idea. Maybe since Neptune it is such an elusive planet. But elusiveness is not the same as ambiguity. Or it it?!

What do you think? Is a Tolerance of Ambiguity influenced by Neptune or by some other planet?

6. Cross Application of Experiences

Finally, the last indicator for creative potential is cross application of experiences. The idea is to draw from experiences from seemingly unrelated parts of your life in order to solve problems at work.

Dr. Imber noticed that creative people often developed this skill through analogy, that is, by trying to identify similarities in the problems they are working on and a problem they’ve solved previously outside of work. The same result can be achieved by drawing on seemingly irrelevant topics, such as history, politics or popular culture. To use an analogy, the more different thinking “hats” you can wear, the more likely you are to be able to solve any problem.

In order to draw from that ability, you need a strong “Gemini (diversity of interests) and Virgo (attention to detail)” Mercury.

Don’t worry if you lack any of these qualities, they all can be developed with time and effort. And, for the record, that’s what the majority of creative people do.

Comment on this post and share with us the ways you turbo-charge your creativity at work.

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