I’ve got nothing to say today!

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Vocabulary needed to understand this post: WADD (Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder)

I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve got nothing to write today. Not a single thing. I am suffering from an acute case of WADD (writers’ attention deficit disorder)…again. Maybe because I have too much on my plate right now. Growing your own business is never easy and a difficult economy does not help. Being unsure of what direction to take to nurture my astrology/coaching practice adds to the worries. I could go on and go with the list, but you get my drift.

But I made a promise to myself. Now that I have discovered that I am creative person, that I need to write and express myself, I cannot drop the obligation I have undertaken when I created my blog. I have to show up and create. If I do not sit down in front of my computer and produce something, I am reneging on who I am. It is also a slippery slope. If I postpone, then it becomes a case of “oh! I will write another day.” And “another” day never comes because it can always pushed back to, well, “another” day.

Writing requires discipline and persistency, much like a diet. If you want to shed some pounds, you need to be consistent and do it every day until your reach your goal. Once you decide that you can have an extra serving of something gooey, then it becomes easy to have thirds and fourths. Once I decide I don’t feel like writing today, I know there is a good chance I will feel the same the next day. Then without warning a month has passed without any creative work done. And getting back to your schedule is hard. So better not start that trend.

So, truly, I have nothing really to say. If you want proof, I can only say that I have been writing this post watching TV. A not very conducive way to write. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to turn this into a lesson of some sort. Maybe.

In the short time I have been writing, I have observed that some days are harder than others. It’s a simple truth. The Muse won’t just show up. Nothing will click. Inspiration will not strike. Warms-up will be futile. And any effort will be in vain. Apparently.

I say apparently because the important thing to remember is to exercise your creativity no matter what. Even on days that nothing comes out of your efforts. Do it anyway. Like am doing. Right now.

The doing anyway is where most of us give up. We lose motivation, focus, we turn a deaf ear to the muse whispers because we are not courageous enough to face the fear created by the lack of inspiration. What if this WADD is permanent? What if I can’t do it anymore? What if….

It’s in a time like this that I remember Elizabeth Gilbert’s words at the TED conference in 2009: “Your part, in the creative process, is to show up.”  But you have to show up in good faith, without worrying about starring at a blank screen.  And eventually, something will happen. Just like it did for me here. Now. Today.

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4 Responses to I’ve got nothing to say today!

  1. Twilight says:

    I know that feeling well Fabienne. I’ve done exactly what you’ve just done many times – sat down at the keyboard and just typed whatever came, even if it bore no connection to astrology .

    I think this is the advice given to would-be writers of any stripe by their teachers: just write……anything. It’s amazing what’ll come out.

    What I find is that if you get a day or two ahead of yourself, then, having written something perhaps a little strange, go back to the draft after a night’s sleep or longer break, and something about it will click into place so that the piece can be adjusted or added to in such a way as to make it “right” for the blog…..a missing piece, or key point will sometimes (most times) magically appear. :-)

    • Fabienne says:


      I concur. Sometimes, it is best to leave the piece unattended for a few days or in my case for a few months and go back to it. I believe it has something to do with timing.

  2. Gian Paul says:

    Hi Fabienne and Twilight, very interesting what you have observed. The “Muses” come or don’t. Who decides is not us. But like with faith (or other human occupations) “if we don’t keep up the sail, no passing wind may give our boat a push”.

    • Fabienne says:

      I agree. A comparison I have used often borrows from Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk at the 2009 TED Conference. She reminds us that in Ancient Rome and Greece, the “daemon” of creativity was a separate entity independent of the artist. She says that we should keep this in mind when writer’s block’s strikes. Just as we should remember that our function as creative people is to show up. The “muse” might or might not come, but our job is to show up. I try to keep this in mind on days when I have nothing to say.

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