The Secret to Become a Better Astrologer

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horosocpeDocumenting Our Lives

Astrologer Chris Brennan has an important piece of advice for astrologers: Document your lives!

An extensive record of your daily life, complete with dates, emotions, circumstances and events, is, according to Chris, “the single best thing that you can do in the long term for testing the techniques of astrology and coming to a better understanding of how it works in practice.”

As an astrologer I should follow this advice. But I don’t.

Mercury in virgoHowever with this last Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, I decided to keep in good Mercury in Virgo fashion (Virgo loves systems and minutia) a detailed journal of all the possible manifestations of this transit on my chart.

The goal of this exercise was twofold:

1)  Satisfy the Mercury need to communicate;

2)  And understand how transits can manifest in a chart through the emergence after a certain amount of time of themes and patterns pertaining to Mercury.

The advantage of using a Mercury retrograde cycle over other transits was that Mercury would provide me with plenty of events to record in a short amount. Mercury presides over such things as speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail and shipping, and so forth.  And when Mercury goes retrograde, these actions encounter delays, do-over and repeats that can easily noticed, experienced and recorded.

How did I fare during this transit?

The Downside of Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

As I am reviewing my notes, I counted:

  • Two checks I was expecting got delayed. One is still is missing, lost somewhere in postal service land.
  • The remote control of the TV got lost for several days and all the settings got erased.
  • I lost the AC battery cord of my netbook.  When the coffee shop where I had last used my computer said they had it, I went back. Only to discover that it was somebody’s else battery cord.
  • My local library kept charging me late fees that I already had paid. Of course, I could not find the receipt.
  • Several appointments were delayed, postponed or forgotten   due mostly to miscommunication problems and traffic jams.

Most of these moments were trivial in themselves, but when happening all at the same time they pack a punch.

The Upside of Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

But not everything was bad during this last transit. Mercury retrograde was making several good aspects to points in my chart and presented me with some nice surprises.

  • One of my old post was reprinted on Sasstrology (Mercury was opposing my Ascendant = people noticing you because of your writing)
  • Unexpectedly,  I facilitated a workshop on Public Speaking (Mercury opposing natal Mercury /Ascendant = people noticing your communication skills)
  • I had several unplanned conversations concerning the direction of my astrological practice and  the need for a better marketing strategy (Transiting Mercury was conjoining my natal 6th House Pluto= serious conversations/thinking)

The Benefits of Documenting Our Lives

What did I learn that could be useful to my clients?

(Disclaimer:  this is only a preliminary observation. Additional recording over a longer period of time is needed for a more conclusive interpretation. Even the results are personal, they can serve as “alerts” to clients)

  • Harmonious aspects during a retrograde period tend to bring out unexpected rewards;
  • These  surprise events were tied to “seed” actions planted in the past that had already come to fruition;
  • It indicated that Mercury is a more important planet in my chart than I had previously considered.

Documenting one’s life events and compare them to astrological transits can teach you a lot about yourself. It is also so much easier then going back and look at a transit trying to remember what was going on at that time.

How about you? What is your experience in documenting your life and comparing it to the actual transits? Share your story here.

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7 Responses to The Secret to Become a Better Astrologer

  1. Twilight says:

    I seem to remember that Grant Lewi gave the same advice many years ago in “Astrology for the Millions”, Fabienne. It’s a good idea, I guess. Still, I hold back, because knowing what the planets are doing, in transit, and knowing my own birth chart, I’d be inclined to note (or even look for) certain things and ignore certain others. There’s a name for this psychological trait – selective something or other. It’s often what skeptics throw at astrologers when trying to discredit an interpretation of a natal chart. It’s really hard not to do the “self-fulfilling prophecy” thing , particularly for a person with some astrological knowledge. Even when I think we’re being disciplined in this respect – sometimes I’m not . :-)

    For someone with no knowledge of their birth chart at all, and no astro knowledge, to keep a very detailed log of happenings – then having an astrologer look at the events, for example in Retrograde periods, to see what had emerged – that’d be useful and reliable, I think.

    • Fabienne says:

      Twilight, you are probably correct. It’s not a new idea. My question is whether recording events would influence the selective memory (i think that’s what it is called) from playing out. I think we all have to certain degree a selective memories independently of being astrologers or not. For example, we know that each sibling in a family view their parents very differently according to their charts. Astrology can look at the chart and give an explanation for these memories, but it does not change them.
      I agree the tendency for self-fulfilling prophecy is strong in astrologers, but I see it as more of an human trait than anything else.
      The overall point of the post was to encourage readers to record their events and later in time go back and reflect on the patterns that show up.

      • Twilight says:

        Oh yes, I do agree in general, Fabienne.

        I’m guilty of always trying to “prove” or display something to those who don’t believe astrology works. The plan you suggested isn’t really for that purpose at all, but more for the benefit of the “diarists”.
        I was probably thinking along the wrong line here. :-)

  2. Gian Paul says:

    Hi Fabienne,

    To keep a diary with astrological annotations is a very valuable exercise. I did that for about 20 years when learning about astrology and experimenting with various “esoterica”. When I moved to Brazil, a more relaxing environment, I rapidly stopped keeping this diary. It’s main purpose having been achieved, i.e. helping to understand the effects of transits in one’s life.

    At present I only sometimes regret not having continued with this diary. When there are events coming up which are a sequence of a previous occurrence. Then it could be useful to have the exact date at least of the initial event. Would help to be able to draw a horoscope of when something actually started. But on the other hand, life is easier if not “boxed in” into excessive mental or astrological analysis.

    And is this not one of your themes in “Astrology Unboxed”, to have a somewhat “lite approach”?

    PS. Twilight posted about Mercury (now in Virgo) the other day. I sent a comment regarding some findings I made about a correlation of Mercury and homosexuality and mentioned you, as you live in SF, the US capital of the gay world up there. I wondered in my comment if you may have some insights on this subject. Thought I let you know, just in case. Ciao, GP

    • Fabienne says:

      Hi Gian Paul:
      I agree with you: keeping a diary of events is most often and web and flow activity. I do not do 100% of the time. I am certainly more inclined to do it when an important transit is coming up and through out the transit.
      I am not sure about my site having a “lite approach”. Or what you mean by that. What I am aiming to do here is to show readers how astrology, as a tool, can help them in practical ways. My approach follows Donna Cunningham’s method for helping clients.

      I have not read Twilight’s post on Mercury in Virgo. I will get back to you once I have read it.

      • Gian Paul says:

        What I understood as “lite approach” is that you dear experimenting in your astrological analysis and interpretation. No doubt that there have been professionals in the past who found “the truth”. But we should not think that their findings always work out the same way they found it at the time they discovered it. Circumstances change, we will never be able to “swim in the same river again”…

  3. Fabienne says:

    Hi Gian Paul:

    Thanks for the compliment. I like “lite”, something I have not often been associated with. I guess my Moon in Libra and Pisces rising have a tendency to see almost everything in shades of gray. Yes there is no absolute truth, except that change is the only constant and and everybody dies. Other than that….

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