How Venus & Saturn Impact your Creativity and Imagination

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Venus & SaturnCreativity and the Relationship between Venus and Saturn

This article was inspired by Feng Shui expert Brian Brogan who alerted me to the importance of considering the relationship between Venus and Saturn in your chart. In my previous article, I explained how you could nurture your creativity by understanding the manner in which the Venus in your chart wanted to be seduced.

In this post, I teach you how to sustain that creativity. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to have a look at your chart and see what kind of contacts  Venus and Saturn are having with each other.

By looking at the relationship between the two of them, you will understand the structure, form and discipline you need to set yourself up with in order to achieve your creative goals.

horospoce VenusVenus and Saturn: A Love for Tradition and Classicism

The relationship between the two planets is a complicated one. On the one side, Venus-Saturn aspects in your chart speaks of a classical beauty, a timeless sense of aesthetics that find its roots in tradition. Over time, you can hone and refine your own personal aesthetics and taste by studying the classics and what makes them timeless.

A harmonious contact between Venus and Saturn inclines you to create art that resists the passage of time because you can see the long-term impact of the arts for the development of civilization. You therefore end up developing high standards for your craft. Civility, grace and poise are often trademarks of your creativity.

You also understand that it is time that develops and nurtures your craft. In order to develop and master their skills, you take their creativity very seriously and pursue their endeavors for the long haul.

Your discipline in regards to your creativity is rigorous.

You also tend to find older mentors.

Saturn conquered by Amor

Venus and  Saturn: A Lack of Confidence in your Skills

On the other side, the contacts between these two planets often translate into a cautionary attitude towards your own creativity and creations, as if you can never be entirely convinced of having enough talent that would justify spending your time practicing your craft.

You  can be accused sometimes in wallow in your past creations as if your best work was in the past rather than in the present or future.

There is also a tendency to dwell on the more business aspects of creativity (like sales, marketing, promotion, public relations) and not allowing yourself to have pleasure while developing your creativity or mastering their craft.

You may also experience a certain fear of creativity, and a certain inhibition in expressing the inherent sensuality existing in the expression of art. You may also have the tendency to put barriers to your creative impulses.

Periodically, Venus-Saturn people go through phases of depression and doubts concerning your creative abilities. A common attitude is “why bother? I am no good.”

Venus and Saturn: A Mature Creativity

Overall Saturn-Venus people tend to discover their talent later in life, after much struggle to overcome self-doubt, poor self-image and often difficult childhood circumstances that prevented access to art, education or a nurturing creative environment

In my chart, Venus and Saturn have a difficult aspect (stressful). I took me a long time to discover my creative talents. Do I wish I had discovered my creativity sooner? No doubts. But the upside is that I have at my disposal a richness of experience that I can tap into that only maturity can bring.

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