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horoscopeSometimes you find inspiration is easy and you are able to write a post in 15 minutes. Other times, you go through a dry spell where nothing is happening that inspires you to write about. I was spinning ideas for future posts with my writing coach, Beth Barany, and she suggested writing a success story from my astrology practice in the form of a story telling post.

She explained that a good success story will have 3 elements: Challenge (or problem), Action and Result.

Beth suggested I make a list the problems or challenges that my clients have when they come to see me.

For example, clients come to me because:

1.   They are going through a difficult period in their life and don’t know how to deal with the stress. They often feel overwhelmed.

2.   They really want to overcome a recurring emotional situation they find themselves confronting over and over without knowing how to handle the repeat pattern.

3.   They need to make a decision and are confused by their choices.

Beth then suggested I pick one client I had success with and list the actions my client took based on us working together.

Problem: Sasha came to me mostly because of confusion. He needed to decide if he was going to go to school here in the US or apply to a university in his native country. He felt a strong need to go back home but he didn’t want to give up his life here and the scholarship he had won. What were his options? He was distressed and torn between those conflicting needs.

She then suggested that I list the Actions we took. Sasha came to me with his birth information, and I drafted his chart and examined his current transits.

1.   I de-mystified Sasha’s transits to him. I explained the reasons for his confusion and conflicting needs. He had transiting Neptune opposing his Sun. In non-astrologese terms, it meant that he was unsure what he was supposed to do with his life.

2.   I helped him understand and accept that it was okay to be confused and torn. A totally natural temporary state. I also warned him that nay decision made during this time of uncertainty would probably result in him regretting his decision after the transit was over.

3.   I indicated how long the transit was going to last and would be the end result for him. If he used the time during when this transit was active to explore other schools besides the ones he had already applied for, he might find other choices he had not thought of it. And that is exactly what happened. In the end, Sasha chose a college he would never thought applying to. Last I heard from him, he is very happy there.

free chart readingResults
Finally, Beth said to list the result of all that action. Or in other words, spell the benefits my client experienced based on our work together.  I had to make sure to list tangible and intangible benefits, like the emotions of success, and what that looked like and felt like to my client.

In my story, Sasha visibly relaxed after he allowed himself to postpone his decision about enrolling in university. He felt great about having more time to ponder his decisions and look at more options, without the pressure of having to decide. He felt empowered and happy to be in control of the process.

And I felt satisfied that I had helped another client have more clarity, self-acceptance, and be more empowered.

And that is my success story. And that one way astrology can help you.

Disclaimer: This is a shameless reproduction of Beth’s original post on a success story. I just adapted the characters and the context to fit my reality. I hope Beth forgives me, but I think she will not let me off the hook. I will still have to write a success story post.

Can you share your experience of an astrology reading you had?

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