How Jupiter in Pisces Will Impact Us in the Last Quarter of 2010

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Warning! long post ahead. But worth reading

On January 17, 2010 Jupiter entered the sign of compassionate and artistic Pisces where it  stayed  until June 6, 2010. Jupiter  forayed into Aries, from June 6 through September 9, 2010.  Now, it is moving back to Pisces  from September 9, 2010 through January 22, 2011.

Horoscope Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces

What does Jupiter transiting through Pisces mean for you?

Jupiter brings order into chaos. You may notice your life becoming more orderly, more calm.

In the world around us, here are some manifestations of Jupiter in Pisces:

1)  The spontaneous and generous support to the victims of the Earthquake in Haiti.

2)  The passage of health care reform. We might want to criticize its shortcomings and loopholes, but it has been the first real healthcare reform in decades.

What strikes me from these manifestations is our efforts to bring order to situations gone out of control. Bringing order is one of the primary functions of Jupiter.

Zodiac Jupiter pisces

Marduk - The Babylonian God King

The Story of Marduk

According to a Babylonian myth, Marduk, who Mesopotamian astrologers specifically associated with the planet Jupiter, created an ordered world out of the original state of chaos. His exploits are described in the Babylonian creation epic known as the Enuma Elish.

Before the birth of Marduk, there were two primeval gods: Apsu, god of the sweet waters; and his wife, Tiamat, goddess of the salt waters. The pair produced children, who in turn gave birth to Marduk and other deities. In time, a great conflict arose between the young gods and the primeval, original, gods. Tiamat created an army of demons to attack and destroy the young gods, and gave her son, Kingu, the tablets of destiny, thus allowing him to command the army in her service. The young gods chose Marduk as their champion to do battle with Tiamat. He accepted on the condition that he be named the leader of all the gods.

Armed with a net, a bow, a mace, and the four winds, Marduk went out to face Tiamat. She appeared in the form of a dragon. Marduk caught Tiamat in his net, but she opened her mouth to swallow him. Marduk drove fierce winds into her mouth, causing her body to blow up like a balloon. He then shot an arrow at Tiamat’s heart and killed her. After splitting her body in two pieces, he set one piece in the sky to create the heavens and the other at his feet to form the earth.

Marduk took the tablets of destiny from Kingu and placed them on his own chest to proclaim his power over the gods.

As the story says, from Tiamat’s body, Marduk fashioned the sky and the sea. Then he organized the sky, apportioning it among the other gods, symbolized in the constellations overhead. He created time by establishing the first calendar. Marduk decided how long the year would be and subdivided it into months, their passage regulated by the stars he chose.

Finally, he killed Kingu and used his blood to create humans as servants of the gods. In recognition of his power, the other gods built a great temple to Marduk in the city of Babylon.

With this story, the Babylonians credited Marduk with the world’s creation, with bringing order out of chaos.

Marduk Chaos Jupiter

Bringing Order to Chaos

Bringing Order out of Chaos

But what is this new order emerging? In the story of Marduk and Tiamat, Marduk was a young god, not yet proven by life and experiences. He is the figure of potentiality, aspiration, growth, expansion and search of spiritual meaning. This explains why, at its best, Jupiter is the the planet of humanistic and high spiritual values.

In the ancient mythology, Jupiter was also a conquering god. As Zeus, (or Jupiter-Marduk) the story revolves around the conquering of chaos.

High Ideals and Principles

However, Jupiter is not the soldier who conquers by war like Mars — Mars leaves only destruction behind. But rather, Jupiter is like the minister, the politician, or the priest who is concerned with moral and philosophical ideals and principles, who has long-range and broad perspectives representing the common thought and natural law. Jupiter acts as a translator of the higher will. In Enuma Elish, after the initial chaos caused by war, Marduk morphs into a benevolent god guiding his people into a golden age.

The influence exerted by Jupiter is one of constant pressing force, not the Martian consolidation of conquest. In traditional astrology, Jupiter and Mars both rule water and fire signs: Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius; Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. The fact that these two planets both rule fire and water signs attunes us to fire and water being expressions of the spirit and soul, and shows the intimate connection that exists between our faculties of imagination (spirit) and reflection (soul). Jupiter in Pisces requires us to dream of a better future. As Jupiter moves into Aries, we can then spring into action in order to achieve the dream conceived when Jupiter was in the previous sign. The 1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered his “I had a Dream” speech is a good example of how water and fire energies work together. The Civil Rights  March was conceived during a Jupiter in Pisces stay while the speech itself was delivered when Jupiter had already moved onto Aries.  Historians agreed that the August 1963  demonstration  spurred the civil rights movement and helped the American society to become a more racially integrated society.

Planet jupiter

Jupiter: the Planet

What to expect from this last passage of Jupiter in Pisces

So if we keep in mind the qualities of Marduk-Jupiter of bringing order into chaos and mix it with the rulerships of Jupiter, what can we expect of Jupiter in Pisces? Can we expect a vision of our highest potential coming through the gateway of dreams and hope? In fact, Pisces in Jupiter is super compassionate, seeks to fully understand how we are all interconnected and aims for more spiritual connections. Pisces in Jupiter is intuitively in sync with a collective consciousness. As a society, this transit encourages us to be more compassionate in the face of suffering and adversity. We come to understand that the effort of each, collectively, benefits more people and, possibly, benefits us all on a global scale.

Considering the actual economic situation and the need for financial, immigration, and energy reform, the idea of bringing order out of chaos in a compassionate way of integration seems like an attractive idea.

I am both optimistic and pessimistic. The amount of problems needed to be resolved seems overwhelming and in true Piscean mode seem to be too much to deal with. With Jupiter in Pisces, we long for a resolution of all the problems that keep us from going back on the road of prosperity. But there is also a resistance to the necessary reforms that need to be done. It is a paradox.

As I see it, you almost have to give up the “American Dream” in its actual form in order to re-invent a new one that would be more egalitarian, compassionate, and inclusive. The underlying theme of Jupiter in Pisces might be to let go of the old dreams born out of capitalism, and usher people into a golden age of partnership between mankind and the planet we inhabit.

With the upcoming cardinal T-Square of 2012, Jupiter’s passage through Pisces is to gift us with a sense of urgency of what needs to be done, a sense of meaning that will urge us to work on the necessary reforms needed to achieve some balance.

Want to know how the Cardinal T-Square is going to affect you? Email  me to schedule a consultation.

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5 Responses to How Jupiter in Pisces Will Impact Us in the Last Quarter of 2010

  1. Gian Paul says:

    Interesting historical analysis. On Babylonian and more recent events. Jupiter in Pisces is practically gone, will now hopefully “clean up the last debris of illusions he created there”. Agree mostly with what you say, Fabienne. Your wish for America to get back on “the road to prosperity” is maybe not a priority. There are others having the same desire. So what’s needed, if prosperity is what’s planned (by those up-there), is a bigger cake that can be shared by everybody. I am defending the BRICS here (Brazil/India/China).

  2. Fabienne says:

    Hi GP:

    I totally agree with you that a bigger cake shared by everybody is what is needed. I also support the BRICS here. After all I grew up in Rio listening the slogan that Brazil was “the country of the future” and it seems that this is becoming a reality. At least that’s what I hear, not having been home for quite a number of years now.
    The post was written several months ago when Jupiter first entered Pisces. But remained in a drawer. Only recently I revisited and decided to publish with minor editorial revisions. Some of my views have become more pessimistic, maybe due to my own personal circumstances.
    I agree that the “road to prosperity” is no longer a priority if it ever was by those up-there.
    How to get a bigger, better cake for everybody might be the more appropriate question for this last passage of Jupiter in Pisces.

  3. Jason Witt says:

    I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a relief.

  4. Twilight says:

    Interesting post, Fabienne !

    Jupiter on the cusp of Pisces/Aries could indicate an awakening of sorts – I hope so. I agree with Gian Paul’s point, but would add that what goes on in the USA does have significant effect on the rest of the world, so an awakening here, on matters such as the need to address climate change with more vigour and determination, and linked to that the need to address the stanglehold that corporatism has achieved, here and elsewhere….. would impact positively on the countries mentioned.

    Once Uranus transits properly into Aries, I guess there will be a more long-lasting indication of humanity’s true awakening to what has been, and is, going on right under their noses. :-)

    • Fabienne says:


      I would normally agree that what goes on the USA impacts the rest of the world. But I rather ambivalent this time around. I am not so sure that a awakening of the USA would this time be more conducive to the necessary changes. America is an isolationist nation and this sentiment seems to becoming once more prevalent in this country. Therefore, I am wondering if this could perhaps could not constitute an opportunity for other countries to take the lead, like Brazil who became energy independent. Only time will tell.

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