The Secret of Successful Relationships

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Saturn in libraIt seems relationships have been a theme of my posts lately (here and here). Not by any conscious decision on my part, but rather the nature and mechanisms of relationships are what are inspiring me to write lately. Or because some part of me recognizes that I still have plenty to learn on how to have a relationship with somebody, on how to connect at a genuine level. In any case, I had this epiphany today.

In the heart of hearts you all want a meaningful relationship with your significant other, family and friends, right? We want to be able to show up each day, connect with everyone we care about, create deep emotional bonds, and do it effortlessly and constantly.

But it doesn’t work that way.

I luv UIf we want to have meaningful connections on a consistent basis we need to be engaged, motivated and inspired. We can’t get distracted. We must be purposeful and invest our time, energy and focus in building the relationships we want. It’s tempting to believe that our best relationships will always be either the result of:

(1) Pure accidental luck or

(2) Hard work persistence.

In reality, it’s neither. It’s most often the result of how much effort we have spent in ourselves. Our greatest relationships will most often result from investments we made in ourselves days, months or even years ago.

Be aware of how you’re investing in yourself. Are you drifting, or are you being purposeful? Are you establishing practices around the kinds of stimulus you absorb and how you apply it to your daily life, or are you carelessly feeding your life a steady supply of “junk food”? Are you setting aside time for important capacity-increasing activities? Don’t drift. Be engaged.

Invest in a relationship with yourself today to have the kind of relationship you want with others tomorrow.

An astrological consultation can help you maximize your investment in yourself. Give me a call.

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2 Responses to The Secret of Successful Relationships

  1. Beth Barany says:

    The most important relationship is the one with ourselves… I agree! Though I often need to see that through my relationships with others. I see myself best in relation to others, and have had lots of conversations with myself, mostly through writing or meditation, to know that we are all mirrors and creations of each other.

  2. I believe we make different choices about how to invest in relationships when we understand what truly fills our lives with a sense of meaning. My early relationships were based on random connections. What a difference it makes to chose from a place of knowing. I will always be learning about how to be in relationships! That’s the good stuff!

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