Mars and Creativity: Keeping the Flame Alive

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Astrology and Creativity

In my article on Astrology and Creativity, I showed how a person can tap into their creativity by asking 4 questions and looking at 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars).

In subsequent articles here, here and here, I’ve delved into how creative people can further develop a relationship with their Muse:

  • With the Sun, the exercises centered on recapturing our playfulness and spontaneity to activate our creative passion.
  • With the Moon, I suggested activities that can make us feel nurtured and secure so that our creativity can be kept alive.
  • With Venus, I showed some techniques to seduce the Muse that can help overcome creative blocks.

In the first article, I indicated that Mars represented your passion and I asked the question: “What do you feel strongly about?”

To answer that question, let’s look now at Mars in each sign.

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The astrological glyph for Mars

If you know which sign your Mars is in, apply those actions to your life, and watch your creativity arise.

Mars in Aries: To overcome a creativity block, there is nothing better than a competition or challenging yourself physically in a new activity. If you are a writer, go take tango classes or become a poi performer.

Mars in Taurus: In Taurus, Mars is steady and mellow. To keep passion alive, indulge in physical activities that engage the senses, like massages, painting, model building and gardening.

Mars in Gemini: A smorgasbord of short, social activities that keep your Mars constantly engaged in searching, researching and sharing. Also good are social games, dating games, and treasure hunts.

Mars in Cancer: Get creatively active when emotional. Passions are awakened when you feel secure, protected and with like-minded people. An ongoing support group of artists to share, connect and support should keep your Mars in Cancer happy.

Mars in Leo: These folks keep the flame alive by taking center stage and a leadership role. Think Madonna at the beginning of her career. Engage in a musical production with dancing, singing or any other activity where you find yourself in the spotlight. No behind the scenes role for you.

what is my mars sign

Mars in Virgo: Community projects where Mars in Virgo can solve problems, organize volunteers and lead to results for the greater good are ideal to keeping your creativity happy and fulfilled.

Mars in Libra: Finding the right balance and creating beauty out of ugliness will keep your creative inspiration flowing. An ideal project would be the revitalization of a blighted neighborhood, appealing to your sense of fairness and justice.

Mars in Scorpio: This Mars is vitalized by pursuing a challenge that seems impossible to master. That’s when you channel your creativity with the utmost discipline and perseverance. Provocative activities should do the trick, like lap dancing, Tantra retreats and Kundalini yoga.

Mars in Sagittarius: A world book signing, lecture and conference tour should do the trick for the Mars in Sagittarius people. Any activity that will put you in daily contact with the world and let you roam freely will do wonders for keeping the creative flame alive.

Mars in Capricorn: Put the Mars in Capricorn artist in charge of a very corporate, long term art project like a government monument where your ambition and practical smarts can be rewarded.

Mars in Aquarius: Any cutting edge technologies that can be applied in the art fields will be welcomed. Any activity that puts Mars in Aquarius people on the innovation path will satisfy your inspiration muse. You love to experiment, and may be attracted to those outside your social class, race or culture.

Mars in Pisces: This Mars has an enormous capacity for art, music, love and compassion, but a very fluctuating energy level that doesn’t always permit long-term focus. Any activity that combines your artistic talent with a humanitarian cause where you can express your concerns freely and imaginatively will do wonders for your creativity.

What Mars activities do you like to do that nurture and free your creativity?

Share them here. Don’t know which sign your Mars is? Email me to discover!

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