15 Ways to Seduce Your Muse

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seducing Venus

Venus of Willendorf, Goddess of Fertility - 20 to 30 000 BC

Creative people know the importance of seducing their Muse. In astrology, that creative principle is represented by Venus, as explained in my previous article. It is the Muse that keeps us inspired. So, instead of waiting for her to seduce us, why not take the initiative?

Pick one of these ways to seduce your muse, and watch your creativity blossom.

1. Take luxurious naps.

2. Walk in nature and romantically call out the name of your Muse.

3. Read poetry of Rumi, Byron, and Baudelaire aloud until you feel drunk on beauty.

4. Play moody singers like Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra, Chopin or Jazz.

5. Watch foreign movies with the subtitles and sound turned off.  Make up your own dialogue and emotions.

6. Paint, draw or sculpt your muse.

Creativity and Venus7. Eat a meal of only one thing but of the highest quality, preferably with your fingers.

8. Lie in a beach and divine your future by the shapes of the waves.

9. Read aloud love letters.

10. Listen to silence in a quiet corner of nature.

11. Sit as close to the orchestra as possible at a noisy Mahler or Beethoven concert. Close your eyes and imagine the music is the only reality. Let you mind suggest images or a story.

12. Dance slow music with a partner.

13.  Give or have a massage using a soft, plush object.

14. Create an altar for your Muse. Decorate it with flowers, candles, incense, beads.

15. Write a love letter to your Muse.

Suggest other ways to seduce your muse. I’d love to hear them!

This is part IV of my series on Astrology and Creativity. You can read the other articles here, here and here.

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4 Responses to 15 Ways to Seduce Your Muse

  1. Twilight says:

    Beautiful suggestions, Fabienne. Numbers 3 and 4 are my usual methods, as well as just surfing the net until something “jumps out” to me. Then as usually happens, I set out on a trail from something in the original piece, and on – and on from there. It’s amazing how often I’m led to something that’s “just right” for me at that time. :-)

    • Fabienne says:


      Welcome! It’s a pleasure to see you here. I must be honest and confess that I totally impervious to #3 and #4. Although I am a Pisces rising with Mercury conjunct on the Ascendant, I rarely listen to music. Of all the seduction listed, I resonated mostly with #1 mostly because my cat taught me :)
      However I am totally with you as far as surfing goes until some flash of inspiration “jumps out” to me.

  2. Beth Barany says:

    My favorite way to seduce my muse is travel! I love sitting in public transportation people watching, especially at the airport, and in a foreign place. The Paris metro is ideal! Getting in a car and zooming off to new landscapes does it for me, too. Then plop me down into crowded busy cafe with delicious food at my elbow and I’ll write up a storm. So, #7 plays a role for me, too!

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