Venus and Saturn: A May-December Encounter

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From August 8 through September 9, 2010, Venus is in her own sign of Libra. A promise of a good time.

However, during her peregrination through Libra, Venus will encounter Saturn, the planet of restrictions.

What can we learn from this encounter of seemingly opposing planets?

Venus In LibraWho is Venus?

In mythology — think of Botticelli’s Venus, the Venus of Milo at the Louvre Museum — she is the goddess of love, relationships and money. But she is so much more.

In addition to her brilliant intelligence, this sexy and beautiful goddess rules over the good things in life: The pleasures and the senses, the smell of a flower, the licking of a chocolate cake batter, the laugh of a child, the coolness of silk sheets.

She also governs finances, material goods, food and earth products.

Saturn in Libra

With Saturn currently in one of the Venus signs (Libra) until 2012, relationships will tend to be more serious. Because of this, you will be looking for more stability and satisfaction in them.

So, 2010 is a good year to reflect on:

  • How you are in relationships;
  • How you have being treating those you love;
  • What you have been getting from them.

In one way or another, this year will force us to focus on our relationships.

While Venus generally evokes sensuality and pleasure, let’s not forget she rules relationships as well. And that means inviting Saturn to the party.

Saturn always gives a serious tone to all decisions in the relationship sector of our lives. Saturn teaches seriousness. He encourages the patience needed to listen to others and act according to the will of the majority, while also expressing our own needs.

Saturn in Libra is exalted — strong — in that sign until October 2012. This is a position worth celebrating because it is the best time to use wisdom and reflect on our relationships and agreements.

Saturn in Libra can gives us common sense and wisdom to deal with relationship differences.

Harness this time to….

Saturn and venus in LibraThe Meeting of Saturn and Venus in Libra

While Venus in her beauty, and Saturn in his harshness, appear to be unlikely partners, the May-December wedding alluded to in the title, the meeting of Venus and Saturn in Libra is an opportune time to reevaluate many of your partnerships as you discover what things you actually value. During August 8 through September 9, 2010, you have the opportunity to examine what you do and don’t like in your relationships.

To help you figure out what are your partnership values, check out this quote from Plato’s Phaedreus:

“The lover is his mirror in whom he is beholding himself…”

According to astrologer Liz Greene’s book, The Inner Planets, this particular phrase from Plato’s Phaedrus contains: “the most profound meaning of Venus – the beloved, be it person, object or intellectual idea, as the mirror of one’s own soul.”

My question to you is: How does your Venus see herself in the mirror held by Saturn? Do they cooperate and understand each other? Saturn giving your Venus a sense of confidence in your own sensuality? Or are they always bickering on why nobody loves you?

My Venus and Saturn are at odds with each other and my Venus does not see herself in a favorable light in Saturn’s mirror. I see only the shortcomings and not the emotional maturity Saturn gives my Venus.

Use creative journaling or meditation to discover the answers. And share them with us by commenting below.

PS. If you’re curious about getting support in your relationship discoveries, you can contact me for a 15 minutes complimentary consultation, and we’ll find out together.

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Photos credits: Flickr Creative Commons and  my own  2010 San Francisco Carnival

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  1. Cheryl says:

    So this is like “a promise of a SERIOUSLY good time.” Right? ;-)

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