10 Easy Steps For Inner Child Play!

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leo symbol of child's playIn astrology, the Sun represents Our Inner Child, a key component of our creativity. The more attuned to the qualities of our inner child, the more we feel alive and connected to the world.

To help nurture our creativity there’s nothing more rejuvenating than reverting to child’s play.

In my previous article, I asked my readers “What did you use to do for fun as kid?”. As a beach bunny back in Rio de Janeiro, I used to surf, swim and build sandcastles at the beach. I also used to read and cook with my mom.

We will use the question as a starting point. Now, let’s plan our fun!

10 steps for more fun in your life

1)   List everything that’s fun for you. Brainstorm 40 to 50 different ways.

2)  Decide how you are going to spend the free time you have.

3)  Pick up two or three and commit to them for next week.

4)   At the end of the week, look back and see what worked and felt good. What was tough and why?

5)  Now reflect and draw a circle and divide it based  on the amount of time spent on each of the following areas of your life:

  • Self
  • Family
  • Work
  • Friends & relationships
  • Community

6)  List your ten top values.

7)  Look at the circle and check to see how your schedule and your top values were congruent. Create a mindmap with the days of week and color code the events of the week. Use one color for the events that reflect your values and another for all other activities. Are your values reflected in your activities?

8)  Review your daily schedule for things that you have been putting off.

9)  Visualize your circle with a more balanced distribution between your obligations and your values.

10)  Plan  your second week based on your visualization.

As you can see, planning your fun is serious work. The benefits for your creativity outweigh the additional steps. What I took from this exercise is that I need to schedule some fun for myself so I can unhook and unwind from being a soloproneur. When I take time off, not only I feel rejuvenated, but also my creativity spikes, I accomplish more and have a longer and stronger sense of contentment.

With more fun in your life, you’ll have more joy, more spontaneity, and more of what you want!

And if you’re curious about how an astrological consultation can bring more fun into your life, contact me today!

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