Confessions of another Astro-Nerd

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I always enjoyed Neeti Ray’s comments in Donna Cunningham’s blog Skywriter. So I googled Neety and found her blog Then I discovered her astrological sense of humor.  She had this post entitled “Confessions of an Astro-Nerd”, where she quips on astrology. It made me laugh so hard, I had a belly ache at the end. She totally inspired me to do my own confessions about what I really thought of Astrology.


  • My Mars is a wimp. Tucked in the fourth house, in Cancer and out of bounds. For an Aries this is the kiss of death.
  • My Moon is in Libra. I admire her juggling act. She is “Cirque du Soleil” material!
  • My Venus is in detriment in Aries and retrograde. I’m jealous, yes, jealous of people with a sexy, sensuous, happy Venus. I want one just like that! Maybe in another life!
  • When I look at someone’s chart, anyone’s, I immediately start checking out how it links with mine.
  • When I talk to people, more often than not, I try to figure out their sun sign, ascendant and moon through what they are saying, and how they are saying it.
  • My favorite method when doing a client’s astrology reading is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) I don’t do asteroids, minor aspects, tertiary progressions (true or mean), midpoints, profections, etc…. Why? Too much information? Why? The client get’s lost in so much information. I do not want to rescue my clients. I want help them help themselves!
  • I love astrology. I just love it. It’s the only love in my life that has not betrayed me, cheated on me, dumped me or broke up with me. It has just given me as much I as have given to it. Or as I put it “tough love.” Sometimes, very tough love with her difficult transits to my natal chart.
  • I agree with Neety that psychology and astrology need to combine and have plenty of beautiful life coaching babies.
  • There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who, upon learning you are an astrologer, will try to get a free reading; and those who zealously will try to convince you that astrology is a form of superstition. The latter are called “scientists.”
  • I do not feel the need to prove that Astrology works. I know it does. That’s enough for me.
  • Through astrology I found my community, my voice and some seriously good friends.


What’s on your list?


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6 Responses to Confessions of another Astro-Nerd

  1. nray says:

    Thank you for the shout-out. And I think we’re kindred spirits :)

  2. Beth Barany says:

    So much fun! I’m not an astrologer, and I enjoyed this!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Cute blog-thanks for another fun look at astrology:)

  4. astrologybites says:

    I’m glad I found your blog. You’re fun — and SO right!

  5. astrologybites says:

    I forgot to check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” thingy, so I have to leave another comment.

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