Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo: a warrior's time to play

A warrior's time to play


©November 5, 2009 by Fabienne Lopez

Mars entered Leo on October 16, 2009. It will stay in that sign for almost 8 months, until June 7, 2010. Mars usually remains in a sign for about 6 weeks, but approximately every two years retrograde motion makes it stay in a single sign for longer than usual. So what can we expect during this transit?

For the beginner astrologer, I will first define Mars, then Leo and finally Mars in Leo.

In astrology, Mars represents self-confidence, vitality, energy, ambition, courage, action, fight, aggressiveness, sexuality, desire, attraction, assertiveness, strength, and will power. In other words, it’s what makes you get up in the morning  and go about your daily business. Without it, no conquering of our heart’s desire is possible.

Leo is the sign of passion, courage, creativity, impetuosity, authority and pride. Leo is associated with the Higher Self and the  appreciation of who we are and how we express ourselves. Activities such as creating art, falling in love, starting a business, being with our children, entertaining and being entertained and above all having fun pertain to the Leo domain.

The combination of Mars in Leo will put a warrior in charge of going after what makes our heart beat faster and louder. It will give us the energy, drive, focus and daring to listen to our own drum line.

Expect this transit to push each of us to courageously stand up for ourselves and for our unique individuality, and to refuse to accept our own unhappiness about the way things are in our life. It will stimulate our ambition, aspiration, passion and  the need  to be  recognized for our own creativity.

In summary with a fire planet (Mars) in a fire fixed sign (Leo), get ready for a lot of assertive changes (Mars) in how you uniquely stand out (Leo).



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5 Responses to Mars in Leo

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sounds wild! Does this means it’s a good time to start a new venture, or take a project into a new direction? If you’re an Aries, like me, do I have to be especially careful not step on toes in my pursuit of my dreams?

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Fabienne,
    Interesting! This year, notwithstanding Jupiter in my sign (Aquarius), I feel as I have had to put my dreams on hold to pursue the mundane (necessary, but mundane nonetheless). Can you say what “Mars in Leo” might mean for me as an Aquarius?

    • Hi Bob:
      For an Aquarian like yourself, “Mars in Leo” will promise a very active period as Mars will be in the sign opposite yours. For eight months starting in October, Mars in Leo will be in your 7th house of other people. It will be all about relationships as they will be more demanding than usual. It will be about accommodating others including your partner. At the same time, Aquarians in general will have to deal with the urge of expressing themselves in spite of everybody else. So lots of possible ego conflicts. Be careful not to argue with everybody or push aggressively your agenda as not everybody will see eye to eye with your goals.
      Those are potential issues in broad terms for Aquarians.
      As I am familiar with your chart, I know this Mars transit will affect several of your personal planets. My take on this transit for you personally is that it might well mean that putting your dreams on hold to attend to the mundane will not cut any more. No more patience/understanding and acceptance for that type of situation. You will definitely want to see some moving forward. You will probably feel a burst of physical energy that will urge you to push forward your personal projects and overcome obstacles.
      I can’t go in details for lack of space, but if you are interested we can discuss it privately.

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