7 Sins of Dating – Greed

©July 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Greed is about financial gain not consumption

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Traditionally, Greed in the Seven sins pantheon stood for the excessive and rapacious desire for copious amounts of wealth and possessions. The person would stop at nothing to acquire more than one’s proper share.

What is the link between Greed, dating and Saturn, the astrological planet linked with cupidity?

Saturn disguised as Greed can show up in three ways when you date:

  • Monetary considerations dictate your dating choices, rather than any feelings you have for the person. Financial gain is the only criteria and stirs your romantic interest towards people with solid bank accounts.
  • You are overwhelmingly preoccupied in building yourself a safety nest instead of focusing on the relationship and the compatibility between the two of you.
  • You overlook a person’s morals, character and suitability in favor of her monetary assets.

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7 Sins of Dating – Gluttony

©July 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

In dating, gluttony reveals itself as neediness: a clingy, controlling, possessive, and/or demanding behaviorThe dictionary traditionally defines gluttony as excessive eating or drinking.  Throughout time, the definition evolved to include anything done to an extreme.

In dating, this indulgence reveals itself as neediness: a clingy, controlling, possessive, and/or demanding behavior. The sin can be summarized in the famous sentences: Why didn’t you call me?”; “why don’t you spend time with me?”, “why you don’t ever compliment me?”

For those afflicted, their happiness depends on the partner, and they often times;

  • Worry not being be able to find joy without him;
  • Seem lost and empty when he is not around;
  • Feel insecure or powerless in a relationship;
  • Make her/him jump through hoops to prove his love.

In astrology, gluttony is associated with Jupiter, the archetype of growth, expansion, and MORE.

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7 Sins of Dating – Lust

©July 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Lust in astrology is related to the planet Venus and its rulers, Libra and Taurus

We are getting close to the end of the 7 sins. Today, we examine, Lust. Make sure to check out Pride, Envy, Sloth and Wrath.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary denotes Lust as an intense sexual desire or appetite.

From the definition above, one would consider this sin innocuous in the dating scene.  What is wrong with being sexually active while looking for Love?

Indulging in one-night stands and/or having a “friend with benefits” without the emotional component renders the task of recognizing when someone is right for you more difficult. Lust and Love are often mistaken one for the other at the beginning of a relationship. Intimacy becomes a challenge, sharing feelings an obstacle.

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7 Sins of Dating – Envy

In dating, Envy is rooted in the belief that we are undeserving and incapable of attracting the traits we wish in a partnerI started my 7 sins of dating series with Pride, Sloth and Wrath. Today, we focus on sin #4, Envy.

Wikipedia describes Envy (Latin, invidia) as a desire to own something that someone else possesses: a skill, talent, or ability.

We become envious by resenting what another person has and believing we lack the means from achieving the same results.  We keep asking “Why not me?” with a painful and resentful awareness in addition to a sense of inferiority.

In dating, this sin originates when we always assume there is someone better, waiting for us. We are never satisfied with the present relationship.

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7 Sins of Dating – Wrath

©July 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

In astrology, Mars is the expression of wrath After covering Pride and Sloth, we examine dating sin #3: Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

In astrology, wrath is represented by Mars and shows how we activate our passion, get inspiration and motivation, and break through blocks.

The ruler of Aries reveals what we to fight for, or against, in order to express yourself. Conversely, it is also our tool for managing rage, irritation, and violent negative feelings in general when things do not go according to plan.

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7 Sins of Dating – Sloth

©June 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Sloth is the dating sin of not actively looking for men to date. After covering Pride, we are now turn to Sloth.

Sloth is defined as spiritual and/or actual laziness. The definition encompasses, however, more than mere idleness to include also apathy.

Apathy can kill your chances of finding Mr. Right.

How does this sin manifest in dating?

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The 7 Sins of Dating – Pride

©June 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

There are seven sins to dating, each corrolating to a zodiac sign and a planetThe 7 Sins of Modern Dating

A friend contacted me not long ago complaining, “There are no good men!” Her exclamation had me thinking about the bad habits and negative mindsets we develop when we want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right; our sins to speak of. They often act as stumbling blocks and prevent us from finding love.

I thought a humorous perspective at the seven ways we subvert our chances of happiness would be a nice complement to my previous series on “How to Seduce the….man”.  Voila! A new set of posts is born.

Each sabotaging behavior can be associated with a sin, which astrology correlates with a planet and a sign. Below, a refresher course of the 7 sins and their astrological equivalency:

1.   Pride (Sun & Leo): You’re too good for him

2.   Sloth (Moon & Cancer): You don’t actively date

3.   Wrath (Mars & Aries): You have past relationships anger issues

4.   Envy (Mercury, Gemini & Virgo): You expect perfection

5.   Lust (Venus, Taurus & Libra): You seek intimacy without emotion

6.   Gluttony (Jupiter & Sagittarius): You exude neediness

7.   Greed (Saturn & Capricorn): You aim for material security instead of love

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Jupiter in Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – Part 2

Jupiter in Gemini is the consumate social networkerJupiter in Gemini

In this placement, Jupiter symbolizes the consummate networker and the mental adventurer! He has an innate understanding of the importance of good communication. His great desire to benefit others by being a source of knowledgeable and useful information encourages him to study a variety of subjects such as religion, law, philosophy and other higher educational matters.

Jupiter is in detriment in this sign, which causes a conflict. Gemini’s need to explore every possibility coupled with his ability to see many sides to an argument challenges Jupiter’s strive to ascertain and express the ultimate truth.

Faith for those born with Jupiter in Gemini comes through exploring and verbalizing all connections. They tend to latch onto an idea, investigate its meaning as a way to find spirituality, and then change their mind and analyze the opposite concept with the same fervor and conviction. This attitude contradicts Jupiter’s urge to connect with a larger order representing a unique and unifying reality.

To reconcile these conflicting views, this airy Jupiter has to institute a systematic and integrated approach to his search for a higher Actuality.

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Jupiter in Airs Signs: The Social Connector – Part 1

©June 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Jupiter is in detriment in GeminiBroad Focus and Social Communication

Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini, somewhat comfortable in Libra, and in Aquarius. These placements indicate a certain difficulty of Jupiter with the Air element.

Among the elements, Air is the one to possess the greatest amount of perspective due to its objective nature.

Faith, truth, and ability to unfold the mysteries of the higher mind are qualities brought on by Jupiter and allow those with this placement to communicate in a convincing and broad manner with others. The personification of Jupiter in Air signs would be the “preacher” or the “communicator” capable of expanding information and disseminate the knowledge gathered through a wide system.

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Jupiter in Waters Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Part 2

©June 2011 by Fabienne Lopez

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and shares an affinity for the good timesJupiter in Cancer people benefit from the exalted placement of Jupiter in this sign. They attract good fortune when they mix Cancer’s compassion to those less fortunate with spiritual urge fostered by the planet of luck.

Jupiter’s love of parties finds fertile ground in the Cancerian pleasure of cooking and nurturing. Therefore, this placement makes for a great entertainer who, often, attains wealth and security through home or food enterprises, such as catering, real estate and other related areas. Their nest egg grows as they age, amplified by Jupiter’s luck. Cancer’s astute financial judgment is compounded by inheritances and associations with women.

In a larger context, those born with this position excel in any occupation where they nourish others in some manner. They have both a gift for making people feel cared for and a talent for creating a home environment anywhere.

Cancer is afraid of the unfamiliar. Their famous moodiness is a reflection of their excessive reserve and fear of the unknown. Jupiter provides Cancer with the means to perceive the bigger picture and break out of their tendency to cling to old values that no longer hold true. In addition, Jupiter gives this sign faith in a higher power, which in turns, helps them overcome their exaggerated self-protective instincts.

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